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The benefits of an Appointment Booking App


Online booking systems are evolving rapidly, both in terms of application and functionality. We have smartphones with us 24/7 and we can easily connect to social networks and websites. The ease of use of booking apps adds significantly to the overall rationalization of the customer experience. And that’s all about the customer experience, removing obstacles from the way and helping consumers go from the side of interest to the customer as simple as possible. The less conflicting the process is, the more likely you are to increase your number of clients. In many cases, it’s really that simple.

If you have any questions looking for answers to exactly the benefits of using online scheduling software compared to traditional methods. In this post, we cover the benefits of having an online scheduling tool for your small business. If you have not yet decided whether an appointment booking app is worth your investment, the following suggestions provided in the article will help you make an easy decision.

Therefore, let’s discover The benefits of an Appointment Booking App.

The benefits of an Appointment Booking App

1. 24/7 appointment scheduling

Having an online appointment scheduler allows you to get reservations every hour, which can be a huge boon for your business.

Consumers today appreciate the ability to pre-book appointments outside the usual 9 to 5 hours. Research shows that 35% of customers prefer to book appointments during non-work hours and that 40% of online reservations actually happen after hours.

People want to pre-book an appointment when it’s most convenient for them and in today’s busy and fast-paced environments that often means doing it outside of traditional business hours. Since you can’t sit by the phone 24/7, an appointment scheduler lets you engage customers even when you’re not on site.

2. An easier booking experience

To collect customer information, traditional appointment scheduling is quite cumbersome and time consuming. In the traditional way, the customer would have to inquire about the amount of time available and then make a reservation. You then need to see if there is a gap in time and notify the client again. Then you will add the client’s appointment to the appointment manager and keep track of it. Not to mention many cases, customers change and demand cancellation. You need to keep an eye on it so you don’t miss it. This process takes a long time and can lead to false information. What if a client forgets their appointment and misses your reminder? What if you accidentally book two customers for the same time? Besides, that issue can also diminish the overall customer experience.

Therefore, you should invest a solution that paves the way for a smooth booking process.

The appointment booking app displays the service you offer and all available time slots, so your clients can reserve the time that best suits for them. Additionally, many appointment scheduling platforms have the feature to automatically send reminders to your customers, helping to ensure that they will know and arrive on time for that appointment.

3. Reduce no-shows

For service businesses, absence is not only a minor inconvenience, but also a cost of missed and wasted opportunities. If your business also has frequent problems with customer absences, customers forget about appointments, use an application that features automatic appointment reminder and confirmation. According to a study was conducted by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, they found that no-shows decreased by 39% when businesses send reminders to clients about appointments.

4. Grow and increase your revenue

Online scheduling platforms can help you grow and increase sales for your business. You can create additional product packages and services attached when customers make a reservation. For example, if a customer makes a reservation at your hotel, you can offer extra services using the outdoor swimming pool, … It will continue to increase the revenue you generate while the customer can get what they want. You can also introduce upselling sales into the booking process, allowing you to offer context-specific offers to desired guests.

5. Develop a relationship with your customers

Online appointment scheduling allows customers to access your service more efficiently. A client can easily make these last-minute appointments if their schedule opens up. With the ability to facilitate client meetings, appointment scheduling software will help you deliver a better customer experience service. Increased customer satisfaction leads to higher and longer-lasting brand loyalty building.

6. Save your staff time

Staff in the service industry spend most of their time handling phone calls, explaining options to customers, managing schedules, scheduling appointments, especially appointments canceled by minutes. last. Now, however, all can be automated. Saving time is not only beneficial for you, but also for your customers. Now, customers do not have to make calls to you to schedule, ask for a blank schedule, … but all are displayed right on the application. Conveniently, right!

In addition, your customers can choose their preferences, choose the date and time according to their preference. The system will send them a confirmation email after the appointment is scheduled, all of which are done automatically without any human intervention. This frees up employees and lets them spend more time on other essential tasks. This is a significant advantage for your business, as you will have more resources to focus on growing the business.

7. Monetary savings

Why the appointment booking apps can save you money? Because the time that should have been spent on scheduling is now spent on other revenue-generating activities. The initial resources for appointment management can now be navigated to other productive tasks.

8. Online booking means faster payments

Online booking system requires customers to prepay for their schedule. That said, the online booking system allows you to capture revenue as soon as new customers schedule. You can also expect your attendees to pay when they book, boost your income and not have to worry about payables upon arrival. This also reduces the non-occurrence rate in this industry. In addition, you can also ask the client to deposit money, in case of no show, you can keep some money to compensate for the cancellation.

9. Reduce human error

With the appointment booking app, you can reduce human error. For example, you write the wrong customer’s phone number, mistakenly name the customer, or schedule the customer for a different time period. That might be embarrassing, but more importantly, this error can leave a client unhappy and you just lost a lead.


With the appointment booking app, it helps you win over consumers who prefer to book their appointments over the internet. There’s a reason why people prefer to book online: it’s more convenient for everyone. That makes customers more comfortable and happy. Streamlining your booking process can reduce administrator work and human error, so you can spend less time and money on tedious tasks. That could lead to higher profits and healthier business in general.

And, leave comments if you have any questions about my post. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

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The benefits of using WooCommerce booking plugin

woo commerce booking


Plugin preset really solves many business problems. They help bring in more revenue through reservations on your website and also provide options for better management of them. Here are some obvious advantages of using WooCommerce Booking plugin.

Convenient for both customers and shop owners

If you are running a business based on reservations or appointments, you have traditionally had to create a call center and accept reservations from customers. However, making an appointment is always a time consuming task for the customer. And many times, customers need to call several times before confirming a call. And in most cases, customers want to call to schedule appointments or services later during the day or after hours. It’s not easy to always get on the phone and get ready to book. With WooCommerce, you can easily create a storefront and accept reservations and appointments on the go. Anytime of the day. It offers great convenience for both customers and store owners so you can easily bypass the time constraints and long phone conversations.

Scope to streamline your reservations better

Plus, booking extensions help you better organize your business. Chances of missing appointments, double bookings, multiple calendar entries, and missing notes are all of the past. These plugins provide a streamlined process to ensure that your business is always running smoothly.

Keep your booking strategy under your control

Plus, you’ll have greater control over how you handle your appointments. With the help of these plugins, you can plan your calendar ahead of time and display the time available accordingly. You create time blocks for a session so that customers can choose one or more blocks for their reservation. Excessive reservation can also be avoided if you set a maximum limit on the number of blocks that can be pre-set.

Manage better breaks

It also offers the flexibility to choose not to offer a service or facility over a period of time. For example, if your sports facility is closed for renovation for two weeks, you can easily disable booking during that time period. This way, customers will clearly know it’s temporary and they can book in advance at an available date later.

Comfortable working process

You can make it fully automatic or confirmed according to your requirements. For example, a spa might allow customers to book appointments to pay online for available positions. Now, customers can only come to their spa session during the available time without any hassle. Ironically, it may also take a customer some time to adjust to this kind of simple process. But once they are familiar with your business and the process is not complicated, there is a chance for a long-term association with your customers.

Some strategies to attract more customers to your WooCommerce booking site

You may need to run a few marketing campaigns to get interest in your store and services. In order to get an initial increase in traffic to your website, you may have to depend on multiple channels simultaneously. Analysis of booking.com’s strategies during the most popular period shows that the aggregate effort from multiple channels contributed to their huge traffic. These channels include paid search, referrals, email campaigns, social media initiatives, and more. One insight into their strategy is that they used different strategies at different times. This even includes targeting specific cities when their popularity seems to be growing among tourists. While it is almost impossible to keep up with the immense success of booking.com, you can still reap a lot of money with a strategy optimized.

Optimize your website for maximum conversions

You get into any category in WooCommerce and there’s a lot of competition that will make you sweat. You need to make sure all the latest optimization strategies are implemented on your website. To truly stand out from your competition, you may need to offer exclusive deals and personalization options to your customers. Good customer relationship management is another essential aspect to focus on. Keeping customers involved throughout the booking process and using the service will help make a good impression. If your client remembers the experience as something goes well, there’s a high chance they’ll come back.

Optimizing customer experience also means your in-store pricing model is modern. Static pricing has become a thing of the past. Almost all industries are trying to figure out ways to set up dynamic pricing strategies. You can find a useful list of WooCommerce dynamic pricing strategies here. If you want some insight into general eCommerce pricing strategies, you can find them here.

Build your online presence

Having a great online presence is key to any eCommerce venture’s success. This is because the majority of your audience will do a Google search for your products or services. Interestingly, how often your potential customers from a Google search results page visit your website will largely determine your business success. You may have to build your online presence by getting a certain amount of reviews and feedback on outside resources. Almost every domain will have an authoritative review aggregator website. For example, hotel reservations are largely influenced by TripAdvisor reviews. If you can uniquely highlight your store among the external resources connected to your industry, that guarantees customer arrival.

You may have to use effective customer relationship management strategies to ensure a consistent interaction on your website. In fact, this has real potential, as a large portion of your satisfied customers never really bother to post a review somewhere. Setting out strategies to get them to post a realistic, favorable review of your product or service will help a lot.

Maintain personalization in customer interactions

Personalization is trending big in WooCommerce. All types of businesses are trying different ways to personalize the user experience in order to attract and retain customers. So if you don’t use some of the proven strategies to personalize the customer experience, you might really fall behind. What’s cool is that you can try to personalize in a variety of ways from the emails you’re sending – by offering unique discounts or by sending free gifts. Offering a free service based on a customer’s booking history will naturally delight them. As you start to get the right tone of customer engagement, you’ll find better value for your marketing campaigns.


Pre-booking on your WooCommerce store is a surefire idea for sales. However, you must ensure a seamless booking experience for your guests. Plus, you have to find your own voice for your service and brand to stand out from the crowd. It is important to balance your strategies in order for you to achieve your intended goals. Adopting some of the industry leaders’ proven strategies can give you a solid foundation to build your business on. However, as your business grows, your ability to rejuvenate your business model to retain and gain more customers will make a difference. If you have an online store with WooCommerce, here are some cool booking plugins.

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WooCommerce Appointments


WooCommerce Appointments

Appointments are parts of all business from clinics and salons to hotels and consultancy services. WooCommerce Appointmentsis perfect plugin for website owners who ‘re looking for an easy way to allow customers to book appointments through WordPress site. This plugin focus solely on appointments.

Plugin Features

Two-way Google Calendar Sync

The plugin integrates with Google calendar by two-way. 

The plugin offers two-way Google calendar synchronization. This means that whenever you add a new appointment or alter an existing one in Google calendar, the additions/changes you make will automatically be synchronized with your WordPress site, instantaneously. Likewise, whenever you add or edit an appointment in your website admin, it will automatically be synced with your calendar.

Calendar Administration

You can view and edit your appointments in a flexible calendar. It make you have a better overview of your schedule. You can see in daily or monthly view, and is synced with both staff and Google calendar, for increased efficiency.


Custom Availability and Capacity

The plugin lets you modify your availability for each calendar date, day or hour; it also lets you set breaks for hours and holidays. Besides, the plugin permits you to increase or decrease the number of available places for some appointment slots. This way, you can meet more clients whenever you have the time for it.

Unique Time Slots

The plugin provides you with an option to link time slots to specific dates, letting you have unique time slots for each schedule date.

Staff Management and Availability

The plugin is a great way to manag your staff. You can assign staff to each of your appointments. It also lets you manage each staff member’s calendar.  Beside, it allows staff members to login and set their availability as they want.

Custom Schedules and Scheduling Window

With WooCommerce Appointments, you can schedule appointments for several days at once, totally skipping time slots. The plugin also lets you choose how much in advance you want your customers to be able to book their appointments. Besides, if you feel the need to take some time for yourself to prepare for your next appointment, the plugin even lets you specify how much ‘padding’ time you require in between appointments.

Confirmation/Cancellation of Appointments

While the WooCommerce Appointments plugin permits your customers to cancel their appointments, it also lets them make appointment requests. You can accept or decline these requests based on how close your schedule is at that time. Thusly, you have better control over your schedule.


WooCommerce Integration

Since the plugin is natively integrated with WooCommerce, it allows for the use of all of WooCommerce’s features and expansions. This confers on it a number of bonus features like WC memberships integration, WC follow up emails integration, WC gravity forms integration, WC deposits integration and WC extra product options.

What More with WooCommerce Appointments

Multilingual Compatibility

The WooCommerce Appointments plugin is compatible with popular multilingual plugins like WPML and qTranslate.

Charge for Service Delivery

If you’re required to execute a service at your client’s location, the plugin, thanks to its WooCommerce integration, lets you apply custom shipping/delivery costs in such cases. How much extra you charge will depend on your client’s location.

Country-based Pricing

WooCommerce Appointments lets you charge your customers in different currencies, based on their geological location.


With a clean and beautiful code, the WooCommerce Appointments plugin is easy to use and intuitive. Its configuration process is simple and hardly takes any time. This feature-rich appointment scheduling WordPress plugin is available for just $69. What’s more, it comes with a white label, so you can completely customize it to your brand, leaving no reference to the plugin.

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5 Ways to Add an Online Booking System to Your Website


Nowadays, an online appointment system is a must have features of your website. It’s not only convenient for your customers but also beneficial for you. Online booking reduced workload and mistakes. In addition, it has more opportunities to appeal to potential customers because they can make scheduling appointments every time.There are many different options for doing this. But how to add an online booking system to your website?

Let’s see the pros and cons 5 ways to add online booking systems to your website

1. Link to an external website

The simplest way is to link an external website. The only thing that you have to do is create a link that will send visitors to another destination.


To be honest, the biggest advantage is cheap and easy to implement.  You haven’t code knowledge, just paste a link to your website. It is easy to execute. This way is free. You don’t have to pay money for a plugin or a developer to program a custom piece of code.


However, since it is free and easy to do, it comes with quite lists of disadvantages.

Firstly, you are sending people out your website which is most of us don’t want to do. Maybe this step lost potential customers because the external website brought poor user experience. Moreover, your analysis and strategizing will be difficult since by sending people away. you will not be able to track them or learn about their behavior.

What pages they visit, what actions they perform and similar information which you could have utilized to better your processes will be much harder to come by.

Although not as important, especially when there is no budget in place, another disadvantage would be the different branding. Your visitors will have a hard time connecting your services to the external functionalities that you are using.

2. Embed an Iframe

Iframe is used for embedding an external website in your own. This way doesn’t send visitors away from your website


It is easy to execute. You just need to copy and paste an already prepared code into your website. You also don’t pay any budget because most website allow embedding provide the code and option for free.

A budget isn’t necessary as well, since most websites that allow embedding provide the code and the option for free. Most importantly, the users stay on your website.


While integrated into your page, it is still third-party which means that you have no control over how it is displayed.

The issues that might come up from here are that with responsive sites, more often than not, iframe doesn’t display correctly in a mobile context, unless the external booking system is also mobile.

3. Install a Plugin

Plugins are very useful for website owners. It can help you add new features with some clicks.  There are various types of plugins available both free and paid pay.


Most importantly, it’s very easy to use and simple to set up. It for the most part takes a couple of snaps to get it ready for action. 

Besides, it spares time and assets. You don’t need to program it yourself or recruit a designer, it’s as of now there, made, working and left to you to incorporate. 

An online arrangement planning module is great for entrepreneurs on the grounds that the opposition is bounty, so there are very much evolved arrangements available. 

You can utilize a free module or get a yearly permit for a premium module at similar cost as employing a designer for only 2 hours (a modest one so far as that is concerned!). 

Also, in the age when we all utilization various gadgets, they are typically enhanced for every one of them. Thus, regardless of whether somebody attempts to book something on their PC or phone, it will work fine and dandy. 


When introducing one, you need to ensure that it’s not obsolete. Frequently, engineers will cause a to module and afterward quit help and further updates – both important with the ever-developing innovation. 

Something else, obsolete modules could go similarly as cause security issues. 

Try not to introduce too much, however. This could hinder your site. Or then again, even essentially introducing modules by various designers could cause clashes on the off chance that they don’t function admirably with one another.

4. Connect via API

CMS-driven websites frequently provide the ability to integrate APIs or application programming interface, the closest that you can get to true and seamless integration of the online booking system besides developing custom code.


The biggest advantage of APIs is great user experience. External data is integrated into your websites and your users can use it as such, on your website. In addition, you have control of the user interface.

In contrast to some other methods, APIs also allow tracking data and user behavior which could just be the determining factor when you choose between these options.

Finally, they allow communication in both directions – your website can push, but also pull data instead of simply displaying it.


As was said before, it’s the closest that you can get to true integration so it’s only logical that it’s very expensive. It requires development.

Continuous development, that is. You have to keep up with any changes that might be made to the external system. Otherwise, they could affect the overall functionality of your website.

Developers will have to adapt the API with time.

5. Develop your own Custom code

The king of integrations – a piece of code that is a part of your website, seamless.

However, various factors, such as the purpose of the functionality, the budget weighted against the pros and cons of these different methods is what will bring you to your decision.


As something developed within your website, custom code minimizes the issues of conflicting or bloated code or other issues that might arise when using other methods for the integration of online booking systems.

Furthermore, since it is your piece of code, customly developed for your website, you have control over absolutely everything.


However, it is important to note that this method is the most technical and as such the most expensive. It also takes the most time.

Finally, you have to maintain this piece of code which means that even when it’s done, you will most likely have to spend more money and time on it.

So what is the best way to add online booking system to a website?

The answer to this question is not straightforward, it will depend mainly on your CMS and budget.

If your website is built with drag and drop builders (Wix, Squarespace, etc) external links or iframes are your only options.

If your website is built on WordPress then well-developed plugins provide the best value for money, as you save on development costs and maintenance.

That is why we developed Amelia, a premium online appointment scheduling plugin which is built with best coding practices in mind packed in an easy-to-use and beautiful interface.

Final thoughts

It is clear that online booking solutions are increasing current and future bookings for all types of businesses. For more of us than ever before to browse, order, and shop online, that makes great business sense. And as businesses increasingly move online, WooCommerce Scheduling and Appointment plugins allow both customers and businesses to make their reservations on the road.

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Best Woo commerce Booking Plugins



How WooCommerce booking plugins work?

They act like a subscription plugin – a new product category created for reservation. Your clients can set the available dates and times on your website to schedule an appointment or visit a service. The plugin ensures that both customers and business owners can find the right reservation time. Business owners can update all the dates and times they want to be ready to book. And, customers can choose according to their convenience. Customers can also choose the number of session participants. You can choose to accept the request immediately or confirm the reservation at a later stage.

Best WooCommerce booking  plugin

There are several great plugins you can use to set up appointments and make reservations on your WooCommerce store. Here is a summary of some of the best.


WooCommerce Extensions

Naturally, WooCommerce’s booking extension is one of the most popular in its category. The perfect extension for stores handling events, services and rental facilities. The booking utility WooCommerce creates specialized reservation products in your store, allowing customers to make reservations according to their convenience.

With this plugin, you get the option of creating fixed time slots to make reservations or letting customers decide how they want to. You can filter and update all reservations on your website as well as the time periods available from the store administrator. It facilitates booking for multiple people and this can help set discounts based on the number of people. Once your customer can automatically generate a reservation from your website’s UI, you can do the same thing manually. For example, if a customer chooses to call and request a reservation, you can easily make a reservation from the admin.

Great control for shop owners

The plugin gives you great control to come up with a booking strategy that matches your operational plan. You will also have control to set costs based on bookings, duration, number of customers, and more. In addition, the extension provides the option to allow immediate approval of customer bookings or subsequent approval from behind. However, you should note that if you continue to approve after that, the plugin will only generate an invoice after you confirm your booking. Additionally, the plugin will send email notifications about booking requests, confirmations, and reminders.

Additional resources and utilities for more convenience

You can create additional resources for each of your reservation products. For example, for hotel bookings, you can provide an option for customers to choose whether they want single or double rooms. The plugin provides an option to create resources that can only be modified from behind. Spas and hair salons can effectively take advantage of this feature if they wish to assign a masseuse or hairdresser for each booking. Plugins create a buffer between two presets. For example, if you don’t want to allow any presets for a specific period, you can easily set a buffer interval. There’s also an additional Accommodation add-on that you can use to add check-in / check-out times, weekend specials and more.

You can buy WooCommerce Bookings subscription for $ 249 for one website subscription and $ 299 & $ 449 for 5 and 25 websites respectively. You will receive a year of updates and support with your purchase.

YITH Booking for WooCommerce

The YITH booking plugin was created to maintain a simple approach to booking management. It will help you a lot in optimizing your booking so you can improve your business and performance. It integrates with your WooCommerce store easily and helps you provide a simple booking system for your customers. The range of professional services you can provide with this plugin is really huge. You can create booking systems for healthcare professionals, spas, beauty salons, business consultants, travel packages, real estate agents, and more.

According to the customer’s choice, the plugin will automatically generate booking requests and the payment can be made instantly. The plugin also offers efficient booking management on the back, where you can easily search and filter your bookings. You can set a minimum and maximum duration for your reservations using this plugin. You can choose to approve the reservation immediately or choose a later time for the administrator of the page to confirm.

The features are great added

If you’re looking to set up a hotel booking website, this plugin integrates with Google’s APIs for location settings. You can even show the location on an embedded google map. It also offers an option to set different rates based on when of booking or on number of guests. You can actually manage prices on a global level with the YITH Booking plugin. For example, if you want to charge extra for all of your bookable products on a specific date, it’s easy to get set up. You can also add options for entering check-out times and any additional services requested by the customer. For example, if a hotel wants to charge a parking fee, a customer with a parking need can choose during booking.

Similar to WooCommerce plugin, this plugin also allows the creation of admin-side bookings on behalf of customers. Additionally, you can schedule and schedule accepted reservations using the calendar. If you have different booking types on your website, you should provide an option for users to effectively search for relevant bookings. For this, you can create and display custom search forms on your website. If you want to allow cancellation, you can set it up with a period that the customer can cancel.

You can buy this plugin for $ 179 for a single website license. If you’re looking for a 5-page license, you can get it for $ 299. To get a license for up to 30 sites, you’ll need to pay $ 499. You will receive one year of updates and assistance with the license.

Scheduling & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin, created by Tyche Softwares to help create a reservation on your website, customers can choose without leaving your website. Hotel reservations, service appointments, tour packages and rental facilities can all be set up for reservations using this plugin. Basically, you can create reservations based on date or time.

One outstanding advantage of this plugin is that you can associate a reservation with any other WooCommerce product that exists on your website. These include simple products, groups, variables, packages, and blends. You can choose to choose dynamic and special rates according to your trading strategy. For example, set a higher price, when the appointment date is too close to the booking date. Or, set a lower price when booking a large group.

During the checkout process, your customers can view the booking details, and if needed, they can change them on the Shopping Cart and Checkout page. It also offers two-way synchronization with Google calendars – customers and store owners. You can display the reservation schedule in a language preferred by most guests. This plugin will cost you $ 119.

Easy booking on WooCommerce

Unlike most of the other plugins on the list, this plugin does not create a specialized booking product. Instead, it adds an optional start and end date on the product page so you can create a reservation plan. Prices will be calculated based on daily, weekly or depending on the nature of the service or facility you are providing. Calendar option for entering dates and times is especially simple and user-friendly.

This plugin is available for free download on the WordPress plugins directory and, obviously, only has the basic features. However, if you want to extend the functionality of this plugin, there are several add-ons available for purchase. Add-ons are available for inventory management, term-based discounts, disable specific dates, and special pricing. Additional prices start at € 25.

In conclusion, Choosing the best woo commerce plugin will help you develop your company or your business . Increasing revenue and help the customer easily to communicate with the manager .

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5 reasons to use WordPress plugins for your business


One big reason why website owners to use WordPress is various plugins available. Plugins are fantastic for adding new functionality or extending existing functionality to your WordPress website. Plugins play a role key in delivering the range of functionality needed for these diverse types of website.  Every year, WordPress plugins have been downloaded more than one billion times. It appeal to both online entrepreneurs and companies. Because of suitable price, from free and paid plugins, there is a great solution to match any budget. Whatever you want more for your website, almost all of plugins will meet your demands.  Here I’ll show you some of the most important benifits that plugins provide for managing your WordPress website.

1. Plugins meet all demands

use wordpress plugins

There are more than 54,000 plugins listed for website owners can choose from. And it‘ll meet any need. Using WordPress plugins you can:

  • Add contact forms
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Integrated automated email marketing
  • Schedule regular backups of your website
  • Create membership areas
  • Add live chat


Beside, WordPress just has basic function. If you have more functionality, you will need to hire a developer to provide additional features. It has high cost. So with plugins, it allow you to offer more functional.

2. Meet your changing requirements

When you first build in a website, it is difficult to determine all your requirements. Business requirements change over time. For example, when you first lauch a website, you don’t need an email newsletter to your marketing campaign. But later on, you want this function for visitors to sign up. You have to hire a developer to code for your website

One of the benefits of WordPress plugins is to allow you to add features. With WordPress plugins, you will completely add new functionality. You can make significant changes to your website such as adding contact form.

Implementing new functionality with plugins has a low cost. For companies that wantto introduce new product offerings or pivot quickly, using plugins can be very useful.

3. Free and low-cost options available

As I mentioned above, If you need to add new functionality you have to hire a developer. But hiring a good developer is not cheap. 

With Wordpres plugins, there is lots of free plugins available which an achieve your demands. This free version will typically meet your demands. Using the free version is also a good way of testing which plugins is able to meet your demands. From testing, you can determine want to upgrade to the paid-pay version.

WordPress plugins is extremly inexpensive option even if you use paid pay version. The development costs of a plugin are spread across all of the buyers of that plugin. In contrast, if you hire a developer to achieve your desired functionality, then you as the website owner are bearing the full cost of development.

4. Openly available information about the plugin

use wordpress plugins

Having a developer expending the functionality of your website not only to be more expensive, it also be more challenging to predict the results what you want. There are many talented developers but there are also less skilled developers. Thus, deciding who to hire is a difficult question for website owners. 

Deciding use plugins tends to be much easier because of the large amount of information that is available. One way to decide it is to look at the number of active installations in the WordPress Plugin directory. A plugin that has tens or hundreds of thousands of plugins is much less likely to cause problems, than one with fewer active installations. If tens of thousands of people have added a particular plugin to their WordPress website, then any problems will have usually already been identified.

Beside, you also see the last time updated. A plugin is being updated regularly, it will be more reliable.  From the WordPress directory you can see what version has been tested. This is useful for beginner. 

5. Easy to add to your WordPress website

use wordpress plugins

WordPress was designed in a way which allows any developer to add their own code into it. The WordPress plugin has hooks and filters which enable developers to add their own functionality onto it. It is registered in the database. You can choose to activate or deactivate that plugin from the admin panel.

You can easily find and add plugins to your website. There are 2 ways of doing this. You can select Plugins from the dashboard and then Add New. Using the search field you can locate plugins that meet your needs. For example, If you want to find a contact form, you can search for ” contact”. You will be presented with a list of plugins that enable you to add a contact form to your website.

Beside, you can also download a plugin directly from the WordPress Plugin directory. The WordPress plugin will be a zip file  and then activated.

In short, you can add any feature you want in only a few minutes and without coding knowledge

How to avoid plugin bloat

Although plugins have lots of advantages, you need to be careful to use it. The quality of plugins can effect on the performance of your website. If you do notice slow loading time, you may want to test deactivating it, to see if this was what has contributed to the drop in performance.

The ease of adding plugins can lead some website owners to add unnecessary plugins to your website. You have to avoid it. Just select plugins from well-recognized developers and to consider carefully.


WordPress plugins have changed the way that people build websites. Plugins help non- IT people to achieve the exact functionality and features that they require from their website. These features can be added quickly at a low price point. For businesses operating in a fast changing business environment, Plugin is very useful.

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The Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins (Part 3)


Check rules against 

You’ll have the option to set the appointments framework to check the guidelines for all the squares that are reserved or just the main square of the scope of squares being reserved. 


In the event that you pick All the squares being reserved, the standard will be checked against each and every square that the client books. On the off chance that a client books 3 squares at the same time, all the squares will be checked for accessibility exclusively and booking will be affirmed just if every one of the three are accessible. In any case, on the off chance that you determine the beginning square just, the standard will check just for the accessibility of the principal block. 


You can utilize this choice to indicate the range for accessibility as per your necessities. Simply click Add Range and set custom accessibility. For example, in the event that your salon will stay shut over the principal seven day stretch of September, at that point you can make a range for the inaccessibility of those days. This is additionally valuable on the off chance that you need to make ends of the week un-bookable. 

Alternative for setting accessibility dependent on a range 

Obviously, there are numerous different settings you can arrange with WooCommerce Bookings, for example, sending custom email warnings or SMS notices. You can even utilize the Follow-Ups module to send custom messages for each bookable item. This is convenient in the event that you need to send headings or ‘what to bring’ directions to individuals before their arrangement. 

Coordinating with WooCommerce Product Table to feature appointments in a table format 

With the default WooCommerce shop page format, clients should navigate to single item pages to have the option to book items or arrangements. This doesn’t make for a natural shopping experience. 

Rather, you can show every single bookable item (alongside booking accessibility, evaluating, and other item data) in a table format. The front-end table will likewise show a booking schedule against every item in a section. This is conceivable with the AJAX-based WooCommerce Product Table module coordination with the WooCommerce booking module.

Bonus tip – Sell additional items with your bookable items 

WooCommerce Bookings makes it simple to sell arrangements or other bookable schedule openings in WordPress. You can build your normal pay per booking by selling additional items simultaneously. For instance, on the off chance that you’re selling knead arrangements, at that point you might need to offer discretionary additional items, for example, skincare items or back rub oils? You can do this with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, which incorporates flawlessly with both WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Product Table. 



Having a vigorous WooCommerce booking module permits you to effortlessly acknowledge, oversee, and track client and customer appointments legitimately through your WordPress site. You can make bookable items a similar path as you would in WooCommerce. When you’ve made bookable items, you can set expenses and accessibility and begin tolerating appointments immediately! 

The WooCommerce Bookings module likewise incorporates with the WooCommerce Product Table module permitting you to make an accessible, sortable appointments table with channel choices. This makes it simple for clients and customers to: 

  • View the entirety of the administrations (and relating booking period) you offer initially. 
  • View bookable item data (picture, depiction, estimating, and accessible date in a schedule see) without navigating to the single item page. 
  • Book different items (or administrations) and add them to truck in one go. 

What are a portion of the highlights you search for in a WooCommerce booking module? I’d love to get with you so told us in the remarks segment underneath!

The Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins (Part 2)


Instructions to begin with the WooCommerce Bookings module 

WooCommerce Bookings is a famous and adaptable WooCommerce booking module for WordPress. Since it’s the official booking plugin by Woo, this is the one we will zero in on in this instructional exercise. It’s likewise completely viable with the non-lethargic burden alternative in WooCommerce Product Table, which is phenomenal on the off chance that you need individuals to have the option to make appointments from a flawless table format. 

In this part, we’ll stroll through bit by bit directions to assist you with beginning. We’ll cover: 

  • Introducing WooCommerce Bookings 
  • Making a bookable item 
  • Setting up the expenses 
  • Designing accessible booking spaces 
  • Coordinating with WooCommerce Product Table to exhibit appointments in a table format 

Don’t hesitate to follow the whole instructional exercise or utilize the bounce interfaces above to jump to a specific advance. 

Installing WooCommerce Bookings 

The WooCommerce Bookings module works flawlessly close by WooCommerce permitting you to make bookable items. Accepting you as of now have WooCommerce introduced on your WordPress site, here are the means you have to follow to introduce WooCommerce Bookings: 

Get the WooCommerce Bookings module’s compress document. Next, sign in to your WordPress site and head over to Plugins – > Add New and click the Upload Plugin button. 

Transfer the module’s compressed record and snap Install Now to continue. Enact the module to your site. 

You’ll see that another menu thing in the side menu bar, Bookings. This is the place you’ll have the option to make new bookable items and design various settings identified with tolerating appointments. Next, we’ll give you how you can start making a bookable item utilizing WooCommerce Bookings. 

Making a bookable item 

One reason why WooCommerce Bookings is an amazingly well known booking arrangement in the WordPress space is on the grounds that it’s inconceivably instinctive. The module gives you make bookable items access a similar way you’d include new items in WooCommerce. The main contrast is in the item’s design settings. This is what you have to do to begin: 

Head over to Products – > Add New from the WordPress administrator board. Include item subtleties, (for example, the item name, portrayal, and highlighted picture) and set classes and labels as you ordinarily would. 

Next, look down to the Product information area. From here, utilize the dropdown menu close to where it says Product information to set the item as a Bookable item. In case you’re selling a virtual bookable item, (for example, an online course, preparing project, classes, or administrations), click the checkboxes close to the Virtual and Downloadable boxes, as vital. 

At this stage, you’ll notice that the Product information segment has been refreshed to reflect design settings for bookable items. Next, how about we rapidly venture through these settings. 

Booking span 

The Booking span alternative lets you choose a fixed square of or client characterized squares of: 

  • Fixed square of: With this alternative, you’ll have the option to limit clients and customers from booking outside of fixed openings. For example, in case you’re setting up a site for a salon, you may need to set a fixed term of 30 minutes to 2 hours, contingent upon the administrations you offer. You can set fixed squares of minutes, hours, days, and months. 
  • Client characterized squares of: On the off chance that you have to let clients set their own squares, select this choice. Along these lines, you’ll have the option to set the length and let clients select the quantity of squares they’d prefer to book with you. With this choice, you’ll additionally have the option to indicate the base and most extreme span (regarding days and hours) for appointments. 

Note: If you set the Booking span in Day(s) for Customer characterized squares of, you’ll likewise have the option to empower schedule date run picker to make it simple for clients to choose a beginning date and end date on the schedule. 

Schedule show mode 

You can utilize this alternative to set the schedule to consistently be obvious or to be shown when clients click. 

Required affirmation 

In the event that you check this choice, the booking solicitation will be sent however the installment won’t be handled until the administrator affirms the arrangement. Once the administrator surveys and supports it, the booking solicitation will be affirmed and the installment will be handled. 

Can be dropped 

This alternative empowers you to pick whether you’d need to empower clients to drop their appointments after they are affirmed. Handicapping this choice will no longer let them drop appointments after affirmation. On the off chance that you select the alternative to permit booking crossing out, you can decide the period before it very well may be dropped. For instance, in the event that you need to let clients drop appointments as long as two hours before their arrangement, you’d design the Booking can be dropped until alternative as follows: 

Setting up the expenses 

With WooCommerce Bookings, you can likewise set up valuing for each square you make by going to the Costs tab under the Product information segment. You can decide to show costs on the business page of your site or in a front-end table format — more on this later. Here’s a gander at the various alternatives accessible to you for setting up costs for bookable items: 

Base expense 

This is an erratic expense for the booking all in all. You can set this as the booking expense or the information exchange charges. This cost will be charged on each reserving made paying little heed to the square expense. It’s essential to remember that the base expense doesn’t rely upon the square expense. As such, regardless of whether a client books more than one square, the base cost will continue as before for that booking. 

Square expense 

Here you’ll have the option to set the cost of a solitary square. The cost per block duplicated by the quantity of squares booked is the complete expense of the booking. 


Show cost 

This is the value that will be appeared to the clients toward the front paying little mind to the square expense and the base expense. This is extraordinary for when you’d prefer to show costs as, state, Starting from $9.95! Leave this alternative clear to have the expense consequently determined for you. 


These fields will empower you to add more customizations to your booking costs. This is particularly helpful for when you are hoping to offer clients an exceptional markdown temporarily. 

Designing accessible booking spaces 

WooCommerce Bookings likewise lets you set up accessibility rules for each square you make by making a beeline for the Availability tab under the Product information area. How about we venture through the diverse setting choices accessible to you. 

Max appointments per block 

Max booking per block signifies the most extreme number of appointments that are accessible for a similar square. We should take a gander at a guide to more readily get this. Suppose you worker three nail specialists who can offer nail trim administrations simultaneously for example in a bookable square. For this, you’d enter 3 as the Max appointments per block esteem. 

Least square bookable 

In this field, you can enter the base measure of time later on for which the arrangement can be reserved. For instance, in the event that you set this to about fourteen days, clients will have the option to book meetings with you as long as about fourteen days before the day of the arrangement. 

Most extreme square bookable 

This alternative lets you determine the greatest period later on for which clients will be permitted to make appointments. This is particularly valuable since you would prefer not to let them book a couple of months or a couple of years ahead of time! 

All dates are 

This choice lets you determine all the dates that are accessible as a matter of course. You can decide to set all the dates as not-accessible of course, also. 

(to be continued)

The Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins (Part 1)


As an entrepreneur, you may sell items or administrations that clients need to book early or make an arrangement for. Adding a booking framework to your WordPress site can be troublesome – particularly in the event that you need a route for clients to make installments. You can rapidly begin by utilizing a WooCommerce appointments and arrangement module. 

Be that as it may, finding the correct booking plugins can be an overwhelming undertaking. The initial step is to figure out what you need it for. For instance: 

  • It is safe to say that you are searching for an approach to expand your general appointments or changes? 
  • Do you need a WooCommerce booking module that permits you to smooth out the association of your business? 
  • Or on the other hand do you need a straightforward answer for help decline flake-outs for forthcoming occasions? 

In this post, we’ll run the standard over the absolute best WooCommerce appointments and arrangement modules and feature their champion highlights to assist you with settling on an educated choice. We’ll likewise walk you through a brisk instructional exercise clarifying how you can begin with the WooCommerce Bookings module. At long last, we’ll disclose how to show appointments in a front-end table format utilizing WooCommerce Product Table. 

On the whole, how about we rapidly investigate a portion of the various sorts of organizations that can profit by a WooCommerce booking module. 

Who needs a WooCommerce booking plugin? 

Any business that requires appointments, arrangements, or reservations of any kind can utilize a WooCommerce booking plugin to improve their administration quality and convey better client encounters. Here’s a glance at some of them: 

Selling rental items 

On the off chance that you maintain a business that rents out items, for example, vehicles, pontoons, Christmas trees, or rooms and condos then you’ll require a WordPress booking module to all the more likely oversee booking items, client appointments, and reservations. 

Thusly, you won’t need to keep up a manual, paper-based booking framework or gather installments face to face. Rather, clients will have the option to utilize a computerized reservation stage to find out about your items, the accessible time allotments, continue to book their ideal item, and make installments. 

Selling arrangements and booking spaces 

A WooCommerce booking plugin can assist specialists with bettering deal with their patients’ arrangements, and track any retractions so as to crush in more patients. What’s more, clients will no longer need to react to messages or calls to book arrangements. 


Likewise, individual help experts, for example, wedding picture takers, nursery workers, and birthday decorators will likewise have the option to satisfy customer needs and necessities all the more productively. 

Different sorts of item that may require a date picker 

Internet encouraging organizations can likewise profit by utilizing a web based booking framework to supplement their web based learning site. You’ll have the option to enlist instructors who could each set up their accessible hours to educate understudies. 

A WooCommerce booking plugin lets you make a wide range of bookable items including college courses, cooking classes, guitar exercises, or even move guidelines. You can likewise set a cost and charge your customers a level rate or constantly. 

5 best WooCommerce appointments and arrangements modules 

Here, we’ll venture through five of the most mainstream WooCommerce booking plugins and feature their key highlights. 

1. WooCommerce Bookings 

WooCommerce Bookings module empowers your guests to book arrangements and reservations on the web – without settling on any telephone decisions. Along these lines, you don’t need to stamp dates on your schedule or keep up a paper-based booking framework. Rather, your site will deal with your appointments and installments consequently. 

Key Features: 

  • You can characterize set choices like fixed schedule openings for a guided visit or an arrangement or let your clients pick a period that suits them best. 
  • It lets you set the base and the greatest number of members permitted in a meeting. Thus, for instance, you can decide to hold one-one-one arrangements or permit various guests to save a class. 
  • You’ll have the option to control how arrangements are affirmed and dropped on your WordPress site. 
  • It permits you to send update messages to your clients when they reserve a spot when it is affirmed, and the day preceding the booking date. 
  • You can utilize a schedule to monitor every one of your appointments and consequently sync all your booking dates with Google Calendar to see them in a hurry. 
  • WooCommerce Bookings additionally coordinates with WooCommerce Product Table – ideal for posting bookable items in an accessible, filterable table view. More on this later. 
  • Skirt ahead for our full instructional exercise on the best way to set up WooCommerce Bookings. 


2. YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce 

YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce encourages you make a straightforward and simple to-utilize booking framework for your WordPress business site. This WooCommerce booking module underpins a wide range of web based business locales based on WooCommerce and lets you make different sorts of bookable items with various evaluating alternatives. 

Key Features: 

  • It empowers you to effortlessly oversee appointments for condos, rooms, and other living offices by setting their day by day or hourly reserving rates. 
  • You’ll have the option to set the base and the most extreme number of days accessible for booking by singular guests. 
  • You can set to affirm reservations when the client affirms it or require endorsement from the administrators. 
  • You can set the most extreme time frame until when clients will be permitted to drop their appointments. 
  • It empowers you to oversee arrangements and appointments for administrations, for example, nail salon, physiotherapy meetings, or salons and sync your booking dates with Google Calendar. 

3. Bookly 

Bookly is a helpful WooCommerce booking module that offers consistent combination with WooCommerce. It lets your clients book arrangements for a wide range of organizations including spas and back rub, law consultancy, vehicle fix, magnificence, and private facilities. 

Key Features: 

It causes you spare time by killing your manual planning framework. It computerizes the whole cycle which empowers your clients to rapidly book their arrangements even on ends of the week. 

  • Bookly is anything but difficult to set up and lets you begin accepting booking demands right away. 
  • You’ll have the option to remember a few representatives for the booking plan, empowering them to charge various rates and show their accessible schedule openings. 
  • You’ll have the option to include a boundless number of business administrations to your booking page and sort them for simpler administration. 
  • It offers reconciliation with Google Calendar which lets you arrange numerous schedules of the entirety of your representatives or staff individuals. 

4. WooCommerce Appointments 

WooCommerce Appointments is a well known WooCommerce booking module that empowers you to effectively timetable and hold appointments on your WordPress business site. It’s an ideal answer for organizations that need to zero in on their center business exercises and leave the arrangement planning errands to the product. 

Key Features: 

  • It is anything but difficult to-utilize, quick to introduce, and doesn’t need any coding aptitudes or staff preparing. 
  • Its two-way Google Calendar sync highlight lets you naturally synchronize appointments from your site with the Google Calendar and the other way around. 
  • You’ll have the option to allocate numerous representatives to arrangements, deal with their schedules separately, and empower them to sign in and show their accessible occasions. 
  • You can plan arrangements for numerous days for your clients or offer broadened spans utilizing add-on fields. Also, you’ll have the option to broaden span by minutes or hours. 
  • WooCommerce Appointments lets you decide the occasions guests can plan an arrangement ahead of time. This way they won’t have the option to book an arrangement a couple of months (or a year!) ahead of time. 

5. Booked 

Booked are a simple to-utilize and adaptable WooCommerce booking module that empowers you to send booking enlistments including enrolled appointments, paid appointments, and visitor appointments. It lets you modify the settings to coordinate your business needs. 

Key Features: 

  • You’ll have the option to gather installments from your guests for arrangements and permit them to rapidly checkout utilizing WooCommerce. 
  • It gives you admittance to various schedules, each with its own time allotments and custom fields. This helps your workers effectively deal with their timetables and accessible occasions. 
  • Booked empowers your visitor guests to book enlistments without requiring any enrollment. Be that as it may, they’ll need to give their name and email address. 
  • Its underlying shading pickers let you customize your schedules dependent on your inclinations or to coordinate your business’ image. 
  • It lets you feature your arrangement booking schedule on your WordPress business site. 

(to be continued)

How to successfully manage reservations on WooCommerce  ( Full Guide)

woo commerce booking (5)


Booking WooCommerce offers great scope for running a successful eCommerce website. Industries like tourism and hospitality really rely heavily on online travel agencies (OTAs) for their online presence and ongoing business. Strategy analysis of some of these OTAs and booking sites will help you with great insights. And, if you can apply some of this to your booking strategy, you could have a good time. WooCommerce has a great set of extensions to help you with booking strategies for all types of businesses. In this article, let’s take a look at some effective strategies you can try if you’re running a WooCommerce booking site.

How to create a successful WooCommerce booking website?

As you know, selling physical goods is not the only way you can manage an eCommerce store successfully. If you come up with some creative strategy for your booking website, you can get ahead of your competitors. Your business idea can range from giving customers the option to book service appointments to hotel hotel reservations or event spaces. No matter what booking idea you’re focusing on, you need to make sure to keep a few guidelines in mind. Here are some basic aspects that will help you ensure customer satisfaction and conversion.

Keep multiple products or options separate

When you are running a reservation website, you probably have a variety of products or services. It’s really important to keep these products separate from the individual pages for each product. Your pre-ordered product or service may vary greatly. These can be a range of services for which you offer spa treatments. You can have a wide range of rooms available as a homestay option. Or, you might have a series of different training sessions on duration and content. Regardless of the type of product or service in your store, you need to display them separately.


There are many reasons why experts insist on this. First of all, it provides the clarity needed to let potential customers differentiate between the diverse products on your website. Additionally, you get better coverage for more effective marketing a real estate or premium service. Unique visual and replica elements will give all your work a personal touch. Furthermore, as your website becomes richer with unique content, it will help your page rank as well as improve SEO.

Now, sometimes it can be a better idea to put different things together. This will provide an option for the customer to compare features and choose accordingly. It’s a good idea to create a separate page for this purpose with links to individual products.

Pricing should be clear to users

Business owners tend not to publish rates of the products or services they are offering. Experts say this comes from fear of your competitors lowering your price by offering a lower quote. Unpublished prices are likely to operate in some niche areas where there isn’t a lot of choice for customers. However, in most other areas, your potential customers will find plenty of options to use, if not satisfied with the way you are hiding pricing information.

Moreover, customers, these days are mostly impatient. They must consider many factors at the same time before making a buying decision. Price, which is one of the most important factors in the buying decision, can, if not, disappoint your potential customers. A certain percentage of users may use your contact form or call you. But you’ll miss out on a good share of potential customers right on your product page.

Price transparency can really show some confidence about your business. Only a few firms thrive thanks to the price factor. Therefore, it is quite important that you identify the differentiating elements of what your business is offering. When that’s done, you can effectively focus on those factors to create an identity for your business. Price is just one of the ingredients and if what you are offering is something of value, the customer will be happy to pay for it.

Provides accurate information about the product or service

If your client is scheduling appointments for services, you may have to be really accurate on time. For example, if a client makes an appointment for a spa treatment, they will ask you to keep time. Display times should be maintained correctly, otherwise your business will suffer a bad reputation. If the service staff is taking a lunch break, be careful not to allow reservations at that time. You certainly don’t want an angry customer waiting for the employee and then leaving a bad review. Likewise, you can make changes within your scheduled hours for a variety of reasons. You need to make sure that you change the time on the website accordingly.


Likewise, any unclear terms and conditions must be presented in a way the customer would perceive. If not, you may be creating false expectations, and therefore, conflicting. Think about your customers and you will be able to ensure a great user experience on your store.

Let customers choose what they want

The customers of the current eCommerce landscape really don’t like going back and forth. What they are looking for is can instantly choose something they want at the moment and then forget about it. Your reservation window will be able to allow them to do that. Any information they need to complete a booking without complications must be thoughtfully presented. There are many tools out there that will help you develop such great interfaces. A little creativity, lots of analysis and customer-centric thinking will help you get there.

Thankfully, if you’re running a WooCommerce store, there are powerful tools like this to help you set up the perfect booking website. It helps you create reservations based on date or time as a single product category. You can use it for a variety of business options including hotel or event space rental, appointment booking or service provision. You can also make the entire customer experience more personal by using a number of other tools. WooCommerce Product add-ons help customers personalize their bookings as desired. Likewise, additional payment fields are another option you can try to make the customer experience special.

Email automation for confirmations and reminders

When a customer makes a reservation with your website, it’s important to send a booking confirmation email. You may need to include some necessary information in the email in order for the customer to be updated. Likewise, you can set a reminder email, when the booking date is coming up. This will help customers ensure their schedule is smooth. What’s more, if they need to make arrangements at the last minute, they’ll be able to do so after the reminder. MailChimp integration for WooCommerce is the best way for you to automate your email strategy.

Focus on reviews

Product rating is a differentiating factor in conversion. Prospects pay a lot of attention to reviews and the vast majority say they consider them an essential factor in making a decision. It is important to maintain transparency with your reviews. For example, if your website has only positive reviews, customers may not necessarily trust those reviews. More importantly, how realistic the reviews on your website will be will be the more determining factor in conversions. Plus, you can creatively highlight favorable reviews or customer testimonials for more attention. Here are some options to get started with your WooCommerce product review strategy.

How WooCommerce booking plugins work?

They act like a subscription plugin – a new product category created for reservation. Your clients can set the available dates and times on your website to schedule an appointment or to visit a service. The plugin ensures that both customers and business owners can find the right reservation time. Business owners can update all the dates and times they want to be ready to book. And, customers can choose according to their convenience. Customers can also choose the number of session participants. You can choose to accept the request immediately or confirm the reservation at a later stage.

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