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Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online


Optimize the day by day operations of your salon business with salon apps. Salon reserving online structures make a certain multifunction guide for offerings inclusive of appointment booking, scheduling, reviews, billing, and bills for the maximum utilization of to be had sources. The diverse control functions connected to the salon appointment apps provide customers the benefit of saving locator gear, reserving confirmation notifications, take a look at-in timings, waitlist, and upcoming bargain coupons.

Must-Have Features of a Salon App to Boost Your Salon Booking Online

Inventory management

Analytical tools are attached to the salon appointment scheduling software for efficient inventory management. Salon software also provides detailed inventory reports so product data can be used to further streamline everyday tasks.

Automated SMS and email marketing

Achieve good business results with effective email and text-driven marketing campaigns. You can use the salon booking app’s messaging feature to achieve maximum results.


Along with easy scheduling and scheduling techniques, manage your workforce with the best booking software performance metrics. The beauty salon apps have built-in features that support biometric timekeeping, commission tracking, and payroll processing.

Online booking

This is one of the most obvious features of the salon app, you can also maintain customer history and record visits through the best salon booking online software. Add photos, documents and conduct follow-up with this salon app.

Point of sale (POS)

The POS system allows salon businesses to instantly view customer profiles to send discounts, payment reminders and share bonus points. POS software helps to accept payments from a variety of methods to sell services and products.

Performance analyzer

Centralize your salon business activities with the performance analyzer of appointment scheduling software. Set weekly / monthly goals, calculate inventory turnover, define growth goals, and accomplish customer acquisition with the best free and paid salon appointment booking apps.

Best Salon Appointment Booking Apps in 2020 

1. MySalon App

If you enjoy being relaxed and comfortable most at your favorite salon, MySalon app is for you! MySalon app is best suits for any kinds of businesses such as nail studios, beauty parlor and hair styling. This is the perfect way to stay connected, manage your reservations and get all the latest news and specials on your mobile phone.

With mySALONapp you can:

– Book online, reschedule or cancel appointments with the click of a button

– Be the first to know about specials and last-minute discounts

– Stay informed and entertained with the latest hair styling news, inspiration and tips

– And more!

MySALONapp is used by more than 14,000 businesses worldwide.

  • Website Integration: No
  • Email marketing: Email support available in Silver, Gold and Platinum paid plans.
  • SMS: No
  • Accounting: No
  • POS: No
  • Inventory: No
  • Price: There is a free trial version available of this app. There are 3 premium plans also available, including Silver, Gold and Platinum. All these packages cost around 1509, ₹ 3020 and ₹ 5285 respectively.

2. Salon Iris Salon Booking App

Salon Iris is a powerful booking app at your fingertips. This app frees you from doing your business at a computer. Because it is designed especially for iPhone and iPad users to managing your business on the run quick and easy.

Viewing, editing or adding appointments is no longer a challenge with Salon Iris’ online booking system. Not just managing clients, you can use this salon appointment booking app to keep track of business activities from your home.

Besides, you allow your customers to book directly from your Instagram business account. Instagram is a powerful social media to drive more visitors come to you. And, of course, by adding eye-catching “Book Now” button, you start gaining more guests with an unforgettable experience.

  • Website Integration: No
  • Email marketing: Yes
  • SMS: Yes
  • Accounting: Yes (Payroll, commission and bonus management capabilities)
  • POS: No
  • Price: You can try the free version for 14 days. There are 3 paid packages: Basic, Deluxe and Premier with the respective prices of ₹ 2189, ₹ 4455, ₹ 8231

3. SalonAppy – Best Salon App

Managing your Salon and Spa has never been easier with SalonAppy. This app is designed for hair, beauty and nail salons, barbershops and spas.. We provide you with web interfaces and mobile apps, so that you can run your salon from anywhere, anytime.

If you prefer to use SalonAppy from a computer, you can benefit from all the features by simply putting a computer on the desk

Moreover, all the data entered into the system via mobile apps will be synced on the desktop as well.

You can also try a free trial version for your salon and spa beauty in 14 days.

  • Website: Web interface
  • Email marketing: Send remarketing messages at one click of a button
  • SMS: SMS reminders available
  • Accounting: Accounting support available in the form of cashier reports and employee bonuses.
  • POS: Yes
  • Inventory: Yes
  • Price: Along with a free trial version in 14 days, there are 3 options that you can choose from, including Starter, Standard and Professional package. Each plans cost ₹ 679, ₹ 1434 and ₹ 4151 respectively.

4. Shedul Salon App

Are you looking for a simple, flexible and powerful booking app for your salon, spa and wellness business? You are in the right place. Shedul Salon App is a clean and simple tool with powerful calendar scheduling features that can handle all your salon appointment bookings. Features include online booking, pos with payments and mobile apps.

You can maintain client relationships with advanced salon software management features with detailed client appointments history, booking preferences, future bookings and contact details. Besides, by sending automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes, it reduces no-shows rate.

  • Website: Online booking from website is provided
  • Email marketing: Available
  • SMS: Available
  • Accounting: No
  • POS: POS sales transactions available
  • Inventory: No
  • Price: It’s totally free so you can create your free partner account by logging into software’s official website.

5. MyCuts Salon App

You want the app that will help you boost productivity and profits? MyCuts Salon App is the perfect choice for you. Instead of spending more time managing and scheduling appointments, now with this app you can spend more time with your clients providing more services. With automatic appointment confirmation and reminder, you can be sure that your client will show up for the appointment!

Also, this app will help you increase client retention and referrals by keeping a record of your client’s preferences, hair formulas and interests like What did you do last time for the client? What do they like to talk about? And your client will be happy to come back to you because you took a personal interest in them.

Take advantage of the MyCuts salon’s online booking features to use your resources to ensure customer and guest satisfaction. Automatically confirm appointments and generate quick reminders to start your salon business. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a suitable device to download appointment scheduling software. You can use the desktop version by synchronizing your Windows with the software.

  • Website Integration: Available
  • Email marketing: Option to send emails to clients
  • SMS: Unlimited text messaging
  • Accounting: No
  • POS: No
  • Inventory: Available
  • Price: With the free version, you can easily manage up to 25 customers. There are 2 Standard and Premium price plans corresponding to the price of ₹ 1056 and ₹ 1810.


By using Salon Booking Apps, it helps to manage, control and modify the salon’s day-to-day business growth as well as deliver maximum customer satisfaction. I hope that you can choose one of the Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online that I have listed carefully here.

And, leave comments if you have any questions about my post. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

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