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WordPress Review Plugin: Booking and Appointment plugin


Full Integration

WooCommerce was designed to be fully integrate with many plugins. It can be used to create & manage all types of booking services, like tickets, tours, appointments, hotel bookings and a lot of more functions and it is very flexible

User Testing

The principal thing we will do is go to items to design the booking framework. 

At the point when you are on the item page, click the “Include New” catch to include more item things. Enter your title name and include some body content for your item. 

To see and go legitimately to the settings of the booking structure simply look down on the item page until you see the tab, “Booking.” 

You will see the first checkbox marked “Empowered Booking Date.” Click that catch to empower all the booking frameworks. You can likewise check the second box on the off chance that you need to have a numerous day booking. Look down, and you will see two alternatives to choose. You will see the two checkboxes – here you have a decision on the off chance that you realize what booking strategy are you going to utilize. For this demo, we will simply pick explicit dates. 

Select the particular dates that you need to empower for booking. We will currently set up the Specific Date Booking. You will likewise see that there is a drop down menu of the schedule. Watch beneath how we select a booking date and a time allotment dependent on the accessibility.

Lock Out Date After

In the event that you are utilizing just date-based appointments, you have to ensure that the “Lockout Date after X Orders” field isn’t left clear or 0. In the event that this occurs, it won’t show the date on the site.

Manage Time Slots

Just click the manage dates time slots tab, here you can view the specific dates time slots. You can also do a timed delete at a right side with the red “X” Button. After the configuration, don’t forget to click “Update”.

You will need to double check the setup and take a run down. If everything is good now, we can directly view the product. On the product page, click “View Product.”

We all know that this booking and appointment plugin has an advanced integration with WooCommerce, it has “Real-time” availability checking done at checkout page in case of there being more than one visitor trying to book the same service that has a space only for one. Check out the tutorial below.


Allows visitors to “Add to Cart” only when the booking date and/or time slot is chosen.

In this scenario, the live demo is showing that the client is booking a hotel reservation. This is how simple the plugin works and integrates with WooCommerce.

This plugin allows you to do the following functions.

Booking and Rental

It allows you to set booking for hotel, accommodation, and apartment rental 

It allows you to set hotel booking, accommodation, and apartment rental type of services. The hotel booking and rental is the most popular with travelers. People like to book their vacation in advance using a form of online payment or a credit card.

Google Calendar 2-Way Sync

Bookings can be synced into the Admin’s & Customer’s Google Calendar automatically.  Google Calendar is one of the most widely used calendars in the world, and Timely has happily synced appointments with it. There is one teeny limitation, though – appointments can only be synced from Timely to Google and not the other way around. In other words, we called it a “one-way” sync.


By this function, the user can do a “Search” for the product to see the available slots with the use of dates.

Time Slots for Different Booking Days

You can simply add different time slots for various booking days. It will depend on the client what time slots they choose and when it’s most convenient for them.

Option to Capture Only Booking Dates

With this plugin functions, you select an option to capture only booking dates if you are not using time-based services. This will depend on your suggested capture time.

Make Changes with Ease

The plugin can easily do any changes of the booking field labels and accessibility messages that are appeared to clients on your site.

Large Selection of Themes

There are 24 different themes for the booking calendar. It is stunning, well-designed theme for the admin to choose what themes they like. These themes are user-friendly and responsive. 


This calendar can make the booking calendar in 62 different languages. These languages can be used anywhere around the world

 Export in Many Formats

The most convenient feature is the export. This plugin can export bookings to CSV, PDF, Excel formats. PDF file is the most popular export

Automatic Export and Import

It has a completely automatic Export and Import of bookable orders to Google Calendar. Google Calendar permits users to create and edit events. Events have a set beginning time and stop time with an option for an “All-day event.” Users can enable a “Recurring” functionality with optional parameters for recurrence. Users also have the ability to add a color to an special event to help recognize it from others. The automatic Export and Import tools are a very useful function of this plugin.

Check more information at: https://cmsmart.net/ 



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