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Top Woo Commerce preset plugins to help build your business and improve customer service

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WooCommerce is definitely one of the biggest players in eCommerce world today. And, as your clients are more accustomed to online appointment scheduling than calling in advance, it is more important than ever that you meet this need.

If you run a WooCommerce store, (think hotel, travel, tour, spa, fitness trainer, salon or consultant) and want to offer a friendly booking system to users for your customers, keep reading.

Today I’m going to share with you the top benefits of providing online booking solutions for your website visitors, as well as some of the best booking solutions available for WooCommerce. This way, you can understand how to make your business even more successful and find a way to show customers what you have on hand so they can schedule an appointment with you or your team – all with just a few simple clicks.

Why is the online booking plugin available?

  1. Make an appointment quickly and efficiently

Everyone is busy. It is a natural truth and will not change anytime soon. By providing your busy clients a way to book appointments online, you make things more convenient for them.

Think about it:

No longer keeping interested customers when they call you because you are on the line with other customers

Scheduling after-hours (think late-night or early-morning) appointments is now available, so customers don’t have to wait until you open the door to call (this may affect their schedule )

Customers can easily see what’s available and when without having to talk back and forth with you or your team

  1. Improved organization

If you are running a very busy (and successful) online business, chances are you will always have a lot of customers buying, asking questions, making reservations and making appointments, etc. In addition, you’re dealing with all of the administrative tasks related to your business, both offline and online.

Unless you’re a super organized person, providing online booking solutions just makes things easier. No more confusing paper calendars and pens, double reservations, forget appointments, or lose bills. Instead, a solid online booking solution will give you and your team the tools needed to keep everything related to appointment scheduling organized and in one convenient location.

When it comes to running a business, help is always helpful. If you’re looking for a way to keep your business appointments in order, check out the following WooCommerce booking solutions.

WooCommerce preset plugin

There are many booking solutions out there when you run your WordPress site. That said, when it comes to WooCommerce booking solutions, the options are much thinner.

However, the options I’m about to share with you offer many features, multiple rates, and full integration with WooCommerce so your booking needs are taken care of, no matter which option you choose to use.

1, Reservations on WooCommerce

WooCommerce Bookings is a powerful WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell reservations based on time or date. For example, by adding a new product category to your WooCommerce site, WooCommerce Booking allows customers to reserve their seats without having to leave the website, make a phone call, or walk into your store. Also, sell overnight reservations, tickets, tours, hotel reservations, appointments and even rentals, directly from your website. Better yet, view your website presets in a stunning visual calendar or an easy-to-read list format.

Additional features include:

Set date and time based on availability, avoid overbooking or doubling

Real-time availability shown to website visitors

Create fixed intervals

Allows multiple people to make reservations

Email notifications of customers

Approve all appointments or let customers book now

Overall, for those who provide appointment, service or rental, this official WooCommerce add-on is an ideal booking solution.

Price: $ 249

2.WooCommerce Scheduling & Appointment Plugin

WooCommerce Scheduling & Appointment Plugin, brought to you by the talented team of Tyche Softwares, is another flexible booking solution for those who want to boost appointments, stay organized and on offer exceptional customer service. Start by offering any WooCommerce product as a preset product or linked to other types of WooCommerce products, such as simple, variable, group, mix, or product bundle. Furthermore, approve or deny reservations, export and import preset orders into Google Calendar, and translate your content using the popular WPML translation plugin.

Additional features include:

Add global or product-specific holidays, absent dates or exclude dates

Deploy periodic booking days

Customize the booking field labels and the availability that customers see

See your business’s reservations in a list or calendar view

Actual availability constantly updates to avoid overbooking

Set a special price for weekdays, periods or special days

Overall, this flexible booking solution is as powerful as the official WooCommerce extension and at a lower price point, making it a bit more affordable for smaller businesses or those people on a tighter budget.

Price: $ 199

3, RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental System

WooCommerce Reservation Solution – RnB – WooCommerce & Rental; Reservation system

Fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin where you run your online store, RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rent System is a user-friendly booking solution that allows you to book time-based bookings. time or date on its website. For example, order unlimited preset products and access real-time inventory stats. In addition, allowing customers to request quotes and even make discounts on special booking days or times. Plus, integrates with your Google Calendar, translates your content with WPML and sends email notifications, making things more organized, expansive, and time-friendly.

Additional features include:

Unlimited product features

Minimum and maximum booking date

Deposit required

Determine the cost of where to receive and return the goods

Configure date formats

Set date block to exclude certain days

Overall, this revolutionary booking plugin competes with some of the most popular WooCommerce booking solutions on the market, offering a wide range of features to keep your customers happy.

Price: $ 29

4,WooCommerce Easy Booking

WooCommerce Easy Booking offers website owners a simple way to offer the same products as booked or rented without paying fees as a premium booking solution. While not nearly as popular as some other solutions, this booking plugin allows you to add a field or two to each product page and calculate pricing on a daily, nightly, weekly, or custom basis. Need more features? Check out these premium add-ons that extend the functionality of WooCommerce Easy Booking:

Check availability

. Manage product inventory and stock availability.

Reduced duration

. Discounts or surcharges apply depending on the booking period.

Turn off the date

. Disable the date, date, and date range for booking.


. Set different rates depending on date, date and date range.

Lastly, this free plugin provides a basic booking solution for your WooCommerce website, while also offering reasonably priced extensions if you need a little more.

Price: Free

5,Pinpoint Booking System

WooCommerce Booking Solution – Exact Booking System

Another WooCommerce integrated booking solution available for those who want to allow customers to rent accommodation, schedule services, book an event or get online reservations is the Pinpoint Booking System. To get started, translate the content for a global audience and accept payments through the secure PayPal payment system. Next, maintain complete control over things like booking times and dates and even create custom booking forms for times when you need more information from your customers.

Additional features include:

AJAX calendar with clean interface

One-page reservation process for customer convenience

Powerful admin area for managing reservations

Fully responsive and adaptable to all device sizes

Change the currency to match your target audience

Share business locations on PINTPOINT.WORLD to increase brand visibility

In short, this booking plugin offers all the features you need to maximize your business’s booking potential – for free. However, for those who want to expand with premium add-ons, see what Exact Booking System is available here.

Price : Free


Lastly, there are a number of options that are definitely available for your booking needs if you run a WooCommerce store. And, given the benefits the booking system gives both you and your guests, there’s really no reason not to invest a bit of time and possibly money in a WooCommerce booking plugin for the site. your WordPress site.

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