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Woocommerce booking review- How good is a WordPress booking system?

woo commerce booking plugin review

Woo commerceWith WordPress and WooCommerce you can create full-fledged, self-managing and feature rich online booking systems, all by yourselves. Click here to check out the must-have features for your online booking system.

Generally, you can use WooCommerce bookings for :

Online Bookings

Appointment booking

Table reservations

But, with your creativity and ideas, you can use the options provided by WooCommerce bookings for almost anything. The plugin allows you all the flexibility to create and manage online bookings. Further in this article, we are going to discuss the features that make us recommend WooCommerce Bookings for your online booking engine. booking review- How good is a WordPress booking system?

When it comes to ecommerce, Woo Commerce is the best WordPress plugin. There are many add-ons that you can use to incorporate different features into your website. For example, you can create an online booking website by adding the “Woo Commerce Booking” add-on to your website.

If you try to create an online booking website by encrypting it, it will take days, if not weeks or months. Because, along with booking, there are a lot of other co-related features that need to be considered. To create an automated and full proof booking system, you’ll have to spend more time managing your code and testing the system for different scenarios.

However, thanks to CMS like WordPress and effective plugins like Woo Commerce and Woo Commerce Bookings. Creating feature-rich WordPress sites is NOT currently a restricted domain for web programmers and technicians.

To create an automated and fully proof booking system, you’ll have to spend more time managing your code and testing the system for different scenarios.

The perks of using Reservations on WooCommerce

WooCommerce Booking is one of the most effective plugins for creating WordPress Online booking system. Plugins are loaded with features and flexibility allowing you to have full control over how you want to sell presets. You can also create custom booking ranges and pricing (More on this in the following sections) when you want to manage availability and prices for a certain time of the year.

Here are the best WooCommerce booking features that make it the best alternative to creating your online booking system.

Works with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best free and best eCommerce plugin that everyone loves. If you want the features and advantages of WooCommerce with your booking website, the best option you have is to use WooCommerce Booking.

WooCommerce is very simple, feature-rich, flexible and very easy to use. All of these features are also inherited by WooCommerce reservations.

Once you have this plugin installed in your website, you can still add products just like you would with WooCommerce (simply Product ⇒ Add New). While placing product details, you will see an additional option appear after you activate WooCommerce preset. Select “Reservation Products” and then simply create bookable blocks, set availability and cost.

So creating and adding products with WooCommerce Bookings is really easy.

Pricing per block, tax, discount for date ranges

WooCommerce Booking allows you to create fully automated online booking tools. You simply create a preset block by specifying a time and cost limit for each block. The price on the user interface will be calculated automatically based on the user’s choice.

Example: – If the block is pre-booked one day per block, at $ 200, and the user chooses to place 12 such blocks, the price will automatically be counted as $ 24. You can even set the tax rate per sale or discount.

Unlike old systems where you have to spend most of your time managing online reservations you receive, WooCommerce booking allows you to create a self-managed online booking system. You just need to enter prices, taxes, discounts, etc. and all applicable dates will be billed and prices charged will be calculated accordingly.

Flexibility to create preset blocks

WooCommerce means flexibility. With WooCommerce booking, you can specify whether you want your visitors to determine the length of a preset block, or you can place a fixed bookable block that a customer can book. For example, you can create a fixed 2-hour preset time for a spa treatment appointment. Or you can let customers decide the number of rooms in a day they want to book for your hotel room.

You can also specify the duration of each preset block by hour, day, week or year. This is WooCommerce’s reservation way that ensures that you can create bookable blocks for appointments (by hour) or bookable block for hotel (day and week) or villa rental (month), etc

This helps you to create a booking website of almost any theme. For example, by creating a block that can be reserved for an hour or two, you can easily create an appointment system with WooCommerce reservations.

Select the maximum number of presets for a particular time period

You can specify the number of possible reservations for a fixed period of time. For example, say you have 10 luxury rooms in your hotel. Therefore, you can allow 10 rooms of that hotel. When the 11th customer tries to book a luxury room, he will not be allowed unless he chooses an available slot.

There many things to discussion about this problem, so hard to give the best way to find more about the best product for the company. However, that must be

This feature is very beneficial as it avoids overbooking. If you don’t want to allow multiple presets for a single preset block, you simply need to set 1 as the maximum number of presets.

Custom range for preset

If you want certain days of the year for which you don’t want reservations allowed, you can use range settings. You can just add ranges, choose start and end dates, and then set the criteria for that date range. This is useful if you want to make a reservation that is not allowed within a specific time period.

Example: You want to disallow your hotel reservation between January 15 and February 10 of this year for renovation and maintenance. So all you need to do is create a range with dates starting January 15, 2020, and February 10, 2020, and set “preset allowable” to “No”. This will make the dates unavailable for booking.

The reservation is fully automatic

There are tons of WordPress hotel booking themes you can choose from, allowing guests to book online. Some booking sites need administrator intervention to confirm a reservation. This type of system can be inefficient when there is a large number of rooms and booking processing. When the user specifies the request, date, number of people, etc., a reservation request will be sent. It’s important to note that the user can only submit a reservation request and then wait for a response from the admin.

Reservations on WooCommerce are different. You don’t necessarily have a WordPress hotel booking theme for it. You can simply grab a WooCommerce compatible theme and create your own booking website. Users can directly check to see if there are reserved seats available for their dates. If available, he can pay online and receive a booking confirmation in real time. Such a system is more efficient, not only for visitors to book, but also for administrators. If you are the administrator of that site, you do not need to check the requirements. Booking on WooCommerce allows you to create a self-managed online booking system.

Custom price ranges

Just like WooCommerce booking allows you to set custom availability, you can also set custom prices. What if you want to raise your price during a specific time of the year, or if you want to sell your bookings at a discount for a week or so?

WooCommerce allows you to manage this very flexibly. Simply choose a date range, then set a price for those dates. Example – You want to allow a guest to book a room at your hotel for a 20% discount for Christmas. So you can create a range with start and end dates, and then set a special price for that period.

The following example shows how you can sell reservations for half the base price for a predetermined time period.


It is flexible and graceful allowing you to create almost any type of online booking engine. Even if you’re a tech savvy and don’t have much experience using WordPress, WooCommerce and WooCommerce reservations are easy to learn. Furthermore, WooCommerce booking is a premium WooCommerce add-on – safe, efficient, and supported. If while using WooCommerce booking, you feel confused or want to ask for help, you can contact the support team and get expert advice on your question.

So yes, we highly recommend WooCommerce booking for your online booking system.

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