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The benefits of using WooCommerce booking plugin

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Plugin preset really solves many business problems. They help bring in more revenue through reservations on your website and also provide options for better management of them. Here are some obvious advantages of using WooCommerce Booking plugin.

Convenient for both customers and shop owners

If you are running a business based on reservations or appointments, you have traditionally had to create a call center and accept reservations from customers. However, making an appointment is always a time consuming task for the customer. And many times, customers need to call several times before confirming a call. And in most cases, customers want to call to schedule appointments or services later during the day or after hours. It’s not easy to always get on the phone and get ready to book. With WooCommerce, you can easily create a storefront and accept reservations and appointments on the go. Anytime of the day. It offers great convenience for both customers and store owners so you can easily bypass the time constraints and long phone conversations.

Scope to streamline your reservations better

Plus, booking extensions help you better organize your business. Chances of missing appointments, double bookings, multiple calendar entries, and missing notes are all of the past. These plugins provide a streamlined process to ensure that your business is always running smoothly.

Keep your booking strategy under your control

Plus, you’ll have greater control over how you handle your appointments. With the help of these plugins, you can plan your calendar ahead of time and display the time available accordingly. You create time blocks for a session so that customers can choose one or more blocks for their reservation. Excessive reservation can also be avoided if you set a maximum limit on the number of blocks that can be pre-set.

Manage better breaks

It also offers the flexibility to choose not to offer a service or facility over a period of time. For example, if your sports facility is closed for renovation for two weeks, you can easily disable booking during that time period. This way, customers will clearly know it’s temporary and they can book in advance at an available date later.

Comfortable working process

You can make it fully automatic or confirmed according to your requirements. For example, a spa might allow customers to book appointments to pay online for available positions. Now, customers can only come to their spa session during the available time without any hassle. Ironically, it may also take a customer some time to adjust to this kind of simple process. But once they are familiar with your business and the process is not complicated, there is a chance for a long-term association with your customers.

Some strategies to attract more customers to your WooCommerce booking site

You may need to run a few marketing campaigns to get interest in your store and services. In order to get an initial increase in traffic to your website, you may have to depend on multiple channels simultaneously. Analysis of booking.com’s strategies during the most popular period shows that the aggregate effort from multiple channels contributed to their huge traffic. These channels include paid search, referrals, email campaigns, social media initiatives, and more. One insight into their strategy is that they used different strategies at different times. This even includes targeting specific cities when their popularity seems to be growing among tourists. While it is almost impossible to keep up with the immense success of booking.com, you can still reap a lot of money with a strategy optimized.

Optimize your website for maximum conversions

You get into any category in WooCommerce and there’s a lot of competition that will make you sweat. You need to make sure all the latest optimization strategies are implemented on your website. To truly stand out from your competition, you may need to offer exclusive deals and personalization options to your customers. Good customer relationship management is another essential aspect to focus on. Keeping customers involved throughout the booking process and using the service will help make a good impression. If your client remembers the experience as something goes well, there’s a high chance they’ll come back.

Optimizing customer experience also means your in-store pricing model is modern. Static pricing has become a thing of the past. Almost all industries are trying to figure out ways to set up dynamic pricing strategies. You can find a useful list of WooCommerce dynamic pricing strategies here. If you want some insight into general eCommerce pricing strategies, you can find them here.

Build your online presence

Having a great online presence is key to any eCommerce venture’s success. This is because the majority of your audience will do a Google search for your products or services. Interestingly, how often your potential customers from a Google search results page visit your website will largely determine your business success. You may have to build your online presence by getting a certain amount of reviews and feedback on outside resources. Almost every domain will have an authoritative review aggregator website. For example, hotel reservations are largely influenced by TripAdvisor reviews. If you can uniquely highlight your store among the external resources connected to your industry, that guarantees customer arrival.

You may have to use effective customer relationship management strategies to ensure a consistent interaction on your website. In fact, this has real potential, as a large portion of your satisfied customers never really bother to post a review somewhere. Setting out strategies to get them to post a realistic, favorable review of your product or service will help a lot.

Maintain personalization in customer interactions

Personalization is trending big in WooCommerce. All types of businesses are trying different ways to personalize the user experience in order to attract and retain customers. So if you don’t use some of the proven strategies to personalize the customer experience, you might really fall behind. What’s cool is that you can try to personalize in a variety of ways from the emails you’re sending – by offering unique discounts or by sending free gifts. Offering a free service based on a customer’s booking history will naturally delight them. As you start to get the right tone of customer engagement, you’ll find better value for your marketing campaigns.


Pre-booking on your WooCommerce store is a surefire idea for sales. However, you must ensure a seamless booking experience for your guests. Plus, you have to find your own voice for your service and brand to stand out from the crowd. It is important to balance your strategies in order for you to achieve your intended goals. Adopting some of the industry leaders’ proven strategies can give you a solid foundation to build your business on. However, as your business grows, your ability to rejuvenate your business model to retain and gain more customers will make a difference. If you have an online store with WooCommerce, here are some cool booking plugins.

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