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How WooCommerce booking plugins work?

They act like a subscription plugin – a new product category created for reservation. Your clients can set the available dates and times on your website to schedule an appointment or visit a service. The plugin ensures that both customers and business owners can find the right reservation time. Business owners can update all the dates and times they want to be ready to book. And, customers can choose according to their convenience. Customers can also choose the number of session participants. You can choose to accept the request immediately or confirm the reservation at a later stage.

Best WooCommerce booking  plugin

There are several great plugins you can use to set up appointments and make reservations on your WooCommerce store. Here is a summary of some of the best.


WooCommerce Extensions

Naturally, WooCommerce’s booking extension is one of the most popular in its category. The perfect extension for stores handling events, services and rental facilities. The booking utility WooCommerce creates specialized reservation products in your store, allowing customers to make reservations according to their convenience.

With this plugin, you get the option of creating fixed time slots to make reservations or letting customers decide how they want to. You can filter and update all reservations on your website as well as the time periods available from the store administrator. It facilitates booking for multiple people and this can help set discounts based on the number of people. Once your customer can automatically generate a reservation from your website’s UI, you can do the same thing manually. For example, if a customer chooses to call and request a reservation, you can easily make a reservation from the admin.

Great control for shop owners

The plugin gives you great control to come up with a booking strategy that matches your operational plan. You will also have control to set costs based on bookings, duration, number of customers, and more. In addition, the extension provides the option to allow immediate approval of customer bookings or subsequent approval from behind. However, you should note that if you continue to approve after that, the plugin will only generate an invoice after you confirm your booking. Additionally, the plugin will send email notifications about booking requests, confirmations, and reminders.

Additional resources and utilities for more convenience

You can create additional resources for each of your reservation products. For example, for hotel bookings, you can provide an option for customers to choose whether they want single or double rooms. The plugin provides an option to create resources that can only be modified from behind. Spas and hair salons can effectively take advantage of this feature if they wish to assign a masseuse or hairdresser for each booking. Plugins create a buffer between two presets. For example, if you don’t want to allow any presets for a specific period, you can easily set a buffer interval. There’s also an additional Accommodation add-on that you can use to add check-in / check-out times, weekend specials and more.

You can buy WooCommerce Bookings subscription for $ 249 for one website subscription and $ 299 & $ 449 for 5 and 25 websites respectively. You will receive a year of updates and support with your purchase.

YITH Booking for WooCommerce

The YITH booking plugin was created to maintain a simple approach to booking management. It will help you a lot in optimizing your booking so you can improve your business and performance. It integrates with your WooCommerce store easily and helps you provide a simple booking system for your customers. The range of professional services you can provide with this plugin is really huge. You can create booking systems for healthcare professionals, spas, beauty salons, business consultants, travel packages, real estate agents, and more.

According to the customer’s choice, the plugin will automatically generate booking requests and the payment can be made instantly. The plugin also offers efficient booking management on the back, where you can easily search and filter your bookings. You can set a minimum and maximum duration for your reservations using this plugin. You can choose to approve the reservation immediately or choose a later time for the administrator of the page to confirm.

The features are great added

If you’re looking to set up a hotel booking website, this plugin integrates with Google’s APIs for location settings. You can even show the location on an embedded google map. It also offers an option to set different rates based on when of booking or on number of guests. You can actually manage prices on a global level with the YITH Booking plugin. For example, if you want to charge extra for all of your bookable products on a specific date, it’s easy to get set up. You can also add options for entering check-out times and any additional services requested by the customer. For example, if a hotel wants to charge a parking fee, a customer with a parking need can choose during booking.

Similar to WooCommerce plugin, this plugin also allows the creation of admin-side bookings on behalf of customers. Additionally, you can schedule and schedule accepted reservations using the calendar. If you have different booking types on your website, you should provide an option for users to effectively search for relevant bookings. For this, you can create and display custom search forms on your website. If you want to allow cancellation, you can set it up with a period that the customer can cancel.

You can buy this plugin for $ 179 for a single website license. If you’re looking for a 5-page license, you can get it for $ 299. To get a license for up to 30 sites, you’ll need to pay $ 499. You will receive one year of updates and assistance with the license.

Scheduling & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin, created by Tyche Softwares to help create a reservation on your website, customers can choose without leaving your website. Hotel reservations, service appointments, tour packages and rental facilities can all be set up for reservations using this plugin. Basically, you can create reservations based on date or time.

One outstanding advantage of this plugin is that you can associate a reservation with any other WooCommerce product that exists on your website. These include simple products, groups, variables, packages, and blends. You can choose to choose dynamic and special rates according to your trading strategy. For example, set a higher price, when the appointment date is too close to the booking date. Or, set a lower price when booking a large group.

During the checkout process, your customers can view the booking details, and if needed, they can change them on the Shopping Cart and Checkout page. It also offers two-way synchronization with Google calendars – customers and store owners. You can display the reservation schedule in a language preferred by most guests. This plugin will cost you $ 119.

Easy booking on WooCommerce

Unlike most of the other plugins on the list, this plugin does not create a specialized booking product. Instead, it adds an optional start and end date on the product page so you can create a reservation plan. Prices will be calculated based on daily, weekly or depending on the nature of the service or facility you are providing. Calendar option for entering dates and times is especially simple and user-friendly.

This plugin is available for free download on the WordPress plugins directory and, obviously, only has the basic features. However, if you want to extend the functionality of this plugin, there are several add-ons available for purchase. Add-ons are available for inventory management, term-based discounts, disable specific dates, and special pricing. Additional prices start at € 25.

In conclusion, Choosing the best woo commerce plugin will help you develop your company or your business . Increasing revenue and help the customer easily to communicate with the manager .

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