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The Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins (Part 2)


Instructions to begin with the WooCommerce Bookings module 

WooCommerce Bookings is a famous and adaptable WooCommerce booking module for WordPress. Since it’s the official booking plugin by Woo, this is the one we will zero in on in this instructional exercise. It’s likewise completely viable with the non-lethargic burden alternative in WooCommerce Product Table, which is phenomenal on the off chance that you need individuals to have the option to make appointments from a flawless table format. 

In this part, we’ll stroll through bit by bit directions to assist you with beginning. We’ll cover: 

  • Introducing WooCommerce Bookings 
  • Making a bookable item 
  • Setting up the expenses 
  • Designing accessible booking spaces 
  • Coordinating with WooCommerce Product Table to exhibit appointments in a table format 

Don’t hesitate to follow the whole instructional exercise or utilize the bounce interfaces above to jump to a specific advance. 

Installing WooCommerce Bookings 

The WooCommerce Bookings module works flawlessly close by WooCommerce permitting you to make bookable items. Accepting you as of now have WooCommerce introduced on your WordPress site, here are the means you have to follow to introduce WooCommerce Bookings: 

Get the WooCommerce Bookings module’s compress document. Next, sign in to your WordPress site and head over to Plugins – > Add New and click the Upload Plugin button. 

Transfer the module’s compressed record and snap Install Now to continue. Enact the module to your site. 

You’ll see that another menu thing in the side menu bar, Bookings. This is the place you’ll have the option to make new bookable items and design various settings identified with tolerating appointments. Next, we’ll give you how you can start making a bookable item utilizing WooCommerce Bookings. 

Making a bookable item 

One reason why WooCommerce Bookings is an amazingly well known booking arrangement in the WordPress space is on the grounds that it’s inconceivably instinctive. The module gives you make bookable items access a similar way you’d include new items in WooCommerce. The main contrast is in the item’s design settings. This is what you have to do to begin: 

Head over to Products – > Add New from the WordPress administrator board. Include item subtleties, (for example, the item name, portrayal, and highlighted picture) and set classes and labels as you ordinarily would. 

Next, look down to the Product information area. From here, utilize the dropdown menu close to where it says Product information to set the item as a Bookable item. In case you’re selling a virtual bookable item, (for example, an online course, preparing project, classes, or administrations), click the checkboxes close to the Virtual and Downloadable boxes, as vital. 

At this stage, you’ll notice that the Product information segment has been refreshed to reflect design settings for bookable items. Next, how about we rapidly venture through these settings. 

Booking span 

The Booking span alternative lets you choose a fixed square of or client characterized squares of: 

  • Fixed square of: With this alternative, you’ll have the option to limit clients and customers from booking outside of fixed openings. For example, in case you’re setting up a site for a salon, you may need to set a fixed term of 30 minutes to 2 hours, contingent upon the administrations you offer. You can set fixed squares of minutes, hours, days, and months. 
  • Client characterized squares of: On the off chance that you have to let clients set their own squares, select this choice. Along these lines, you’ll have the option to set the length and let clients select the quantity of squares they’d prefer to book with you. With this choice, you’ll additionally have the option to indicate the base and most extreme span (regarding days and hours) for appointments. 

Note: If you set the Booking span in Day(s) for Customer characterized squares of, you’ll likewise have the option to empower schedule date run picker to make it simple for clients to choose a beginning date and end date on the schedule. 

Schedule show mode 

You can utilize this alternative to set the schedule to consistently be obvious or to be shown when clients click. 

Required affirmation 

In the event that you check this choice, the booking solicitation will be sent however the installment won’t be handled until the administrator affirms the arrangement. Once the administrator surveys and supports it, the booking solicitation will be affirmed and the installment will be handled. 

Can be dropped 

This alternative empowers you to pick whether you’d need to empower clients to drop their appointments after they are affirmed. Handicapping this choice will no longer let them drop appointments after affirmation. On the off chance that you select the alternative to permit booking crossing out, you can decide the period before it very well may be dropped. For instance, in the event that you need to let clients drop appointments as long as two hours before their arrangement, you’d design the Booking can be dropped until alternative as follows: 

Setting up the expenses 

With WooCommerce Bookings, you can likewise set up valuing for each square you make by going to the Costs tab under the Product information segment. You can decide to show costs on the business page of your site or in a front-end table format — more on this later. Here’s a gander at the various alternatives accessible to you for setting up costs for bookable items: 

Base expense 

This is an erratic expense for the booking all in all. You can set this as the booking expense or the information exchange charges. This cost will be charged on each reserving made paying little heed to the square expense. It’s essential to remember that the base expense doesn’t rely upon the square expense. As such, regardless of whether a client books more than one square, the base cost will continue as before for that booking. 

Square expense 

Here you’ll have the option to set the cost of a solitary square. The cost per block duplicated by the quantity of squares booked is the complete expense of the booking. 


Show cost 

This is the value that will be appeared to the clients toward the front paying little mind to the square expense and the base expense. This is extraordinary for when you’d prefer to show costs as, state, Starting from $9.95! Leave this alternative clear to have the expense consequently determined for you. 


These fields will empower you to add more customizations to your booking costs. This is particularly helpful for when you are hoping to offer clients an exceptional markdown temporarily. 

Designing accessible booking spaces 

WooCommerce Bookings likewise lets you set up accessibility rules for each square you make by making a beeline for the Availability tab under the Product information area. How about we venture through the diverse setting choices accessible to you. 

Max appointments per block 

Max booking per block signifies the most extreme number of appointments that are accessible for a similar square. We should take a gander at a guide to more readily get this. Suppose you worker three nail specialists who can offer nail trim administrations simultaneously for example in a bookable square. For this, you’d enter 3 as the Max appointments per block esteem. 

Least square bookable 

In this field, you can enter the base measure of time later on for which the arrangement can be reserved. For instance, in the event that you set this to about fourteen days, clients will have the option to book meetings with you as long as about fourteen days before the day of the arrangement. 

Most extreme square bookable 

This alternative lets you determine the greatest period later on for which clients will be permitted to make appointments. This is particularly valuable since you would prefer not to let them book a couple of months or a couple of years ahead of time! 

All dates are 

This choice lets you determine all the dates that are accessible as a matter of course. You can decide to set all the dates as not-accessible of course, also. 

(to be continued)


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