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How to successfully manage reservations on WooCommerce  ( Full Guide)

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Booking WooCommerce offers great scope for running a successful eCommerce website. Industries like tourism and hospitality really rely heavily on online travel agencies (OTAs) for their online presence and ongoing business. Strategy analysis of some of these OTAs and booking sites will help you with great insights. And, if you can apply some of this to your booking strategy, you could have a good time. WooCommerce has a great set of extensions to help you with booking strategies for all types of businesses. In this article, let’s take a look at some effective strategies you can try if you’re running a WooCommerce booking site.

How to create a successful WooCommerce booking website?

As you know, selling physical goods is not the only way you can manage an eCommerce store successfully. If you come up with some creative strategy for your booking website, you can get ahead of your competitors. Your business idea can range from giving customers the option to book service appointments to hotel hotel reservations or event spaces. No matter what booking idea you’re focusing on, you need to make sure to keep a few guidelines in mind. Here are some basic aspects that will help you ensure customer satisfaction and conversion.

Keep multiple products or options separate

When you are running a reservation website, you probably have a variety of products or services. It’s really important to keep these products separate from the individual pages for each product. Your pre-ordered product or service may vary greatly. These can be a range of services for which you offer spa treatments. You can have a wide range of rooms available as a homestay option. Or, you might have a series of different training sessions on duration and content. Regardless of the type of product or service in your store, you need to display them separately.


There are many reasons why experts insist on this. First of all, it provides the clarity needed to let potential customers differentiate between the diverse products on your website. Additionally, you get better coverage for more effective marketing a real estate or premium service. Unique visual and replica elements will give all your work a personal touch. Furthermore, as your website becomes richer with unique content, it will help your page rank as well as improve SEO.

Now, sometimes it can be a better idea to put different things together. This will provide an option for the customer to compare features and choose accordingly. It’s a good idea to create a separate page for this purpose with links to individual products.

Pricing should be clear to users

Business owners tend not to publish rates of the products or services they are offering. Experts say this comes from fear of your competitors lowering your price by offering a lower quote. Unpublished prices are likely to operate in some niche areas where there isn’t a lot of choice for customers. However, in most other areas, your potential customers will find plenty of options to use, if not satisfied with the way you are hiding pricing information.

Moreover, customers, these days are mostly impatient. They must consider many factors at the same time before making a buying decision. Price, which is one of the most important factors in the buying decision, can, if not, disappoint your potential customers. A certain percentage of users may use your contact form or call you. But you’ll miss out on a good share of potential customers right on your product page.

Price transparency can really show some confidence about your business. Only a few firms thrive thanks to the price factor. Therefore, it is quite important that you identify the differentiating elements of what your business is offering. When that’s done, you can effectively focus on those factors to create an identity for your business. Price is just one of the ingredients and if what you are offering is something of value, the customer will be happy to pay for it.

Provides accurate information about the product or service

If your client is scheduling appointments for services, you may have to be really accurate on time. For example, if a client makes an appointment for a spa treatment, they will ask you to keep time. Display times should be maintained correctly, otherwise your business will suffer a bad reputation. If the service staff is taking a lunch break, be careful not to allow reservations at that time. You certainly don’t want an angry customer waiting for the employee and then leaving a bad review. Likewise, you can make changes within your scheduled hours for a variety of reasons. You need to make sure that you change the time on the website accordingly.


Likewise, any unclear terms and conditions must be presented in a way the customer would perceive. If not, you may be creating false expectations, and therefore, conflicting. Think about your customers and you will be able to ensure a great user experience on your store.

Let customers choose what they want

The customers of the current eCommerce landscape really don’t like going back and forth. What they are looking for is can instantly choose something they want at the moment and then forget about it. Your reservation window will be able to allow them to do that. Any information they need to complete a booking without complications must be thoughtfully presented. There are many tools out there that will help you develop such great interfaces. A little creativity, lots of analysis and customer-centric thinking will help you get there.

Thankfully, if you’re running a WooCommerce store, there are powerful tools like this to help you set up the perfect booking website. It helps you create reservations based on date or time as a single product category. You can use it for a variety of business options including hotel or event space rental, appointment booking or service provision. You can also make the entire customer experience more personal by using a number of other tools. WooCommerce Product add-ons help customers personalize their bookings as desired. Likewise, additional payment fields are another option you can try to make the customer experience special.

Email automation for confirmations and reminders

When a customer makes a reservation with your website, it’s important to send a booking confirmation email. You may need to include some necessary information in the email in order for the customer to be updated. Likewise, you can set a reminder email, when the booking date is coming up. This will help customers ensure their schedule is smooth. What’s more, if they need to make arrangements at the last minute, they’ll be able to do so after the reminder. MailChimp integration for WooCommerce is the best way for you to automate your email strategy.

Focus on reviews

Product rating is a differentiating factor in conversion. Prospects pay a lot of attention to reviews and the vast majority say they consider them an essential factor in making a decision. It is important to maintain transparency with your reviews. For example, if your website has only positive reviews, customers may not necessarily trust those reviews. More importantly, how realistic the reviews on your website will be will be the more determining factor in conversions. Plus, you can creatively highlight favorable reviews or customer testimonials for more attention. Here are some options to get started with your WooCommerce product review strategy.

How WooCommerce booking plugins work?

They act like a subscription plugin – a new product category created for reservation. Your clients can set the available dates and times on your website to schedule an appointment or to visit a service. The plugin ensures that both customers and business owners can find the right reservation time. Business owners can update all the dates and times they want to be ready to book. And, customers can choose according to their convenience. Customers can also choose the number of session participants. You can choose to accept the request immediately or confirm the reservation at a later stage.

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