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5 reasons to use WordPress plugins for your business


One big reason why website owners to use WordPress is various plugins available. Plugins are fantastic for adding new functionality or extending existing functionality to your WordPress website. Plugins play a role key in delivering the range of functionality needed for these diverse types of website.  Every year, WordPress plugins have been downloaded more than one billion times. It appeal to both online entrepreneurs and companies. Because of suitable price, from free and paid plugins, there is a great solution to match any budget. Whatever you want more for your website, almost all of plugins will meet your demands.  Here I’ll show you some of the most important benifits that plugins provide for managing your WordPress website.

1. Plugins meet all demands

use wordpress plugins

There are more than 54,000 plugins listed for website owners can choose from. And it‘ll meet any need. Using WordPress plugins you can:

  • Add contact forms
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Integrated automated email marketing
  • Schedule regular backups of your website
  • Create membership areas
  • Add live chat


Beside, WordPress just has basic function. If you have more functionality, you will need to hire a developer to provide additional features. It has high cost. So with plugins, it allow you to offer more functional.

2. Meet your changing requirements

When you first build in a website, it is difficult to determine all your requirements. Business requirements change over time. For example, when you first lauch a website, you don’t need an email newsletter to your marketing campaign. But later on, you want this function for visitors to sign up. You have to hire a developer to code for your website

One of the benefits of WordPress plugins is to allow you to add features. With WordPress plugins, you will completely add new functionality. You can make significant changes to your website such as adding contact form.

Implementing new functionality with plugins has a low cost. For companies that wantto introduce new product offerings or pivot quickly, using plugins can be very useful.

3. Free and low-cost options available

As I mentioned above, If you need to add new functionality you have to hire a developer. But hiring a good developer is not cheap. 

With Wordpres plugins, there is lots of free plugins available which an achieve your demands. This free version will typically meet your demands. Using the free version is also a good way of testing which plugins is able to meet your demands. From testing, you can determine want to upgrade to the paid-pay version.

WordPress plugins is extremly inexpensive option even if you use paid pay version. The development costs of a plugin are spread across all of the buyers of that plugin. In contrast, if you hire a developer to achieve your desired functionality, then you as the website owner are bearing the full cost of development.

4. Openly available information about the plugin

use wordpress plugins

Having a developer expending the functionality of your website not only to be more expensive, it also be more challenging to predict the results what you want. There are many talented developers but there are also less skilled developers. Thus, deciding who to hire is a difficult question for website owners. 

Deciding use plugins tends to be much easier because of the large amount of information that is available. One way to decide it is to look at the number of active installations in the WordPress Plugin directory. A plugin that has tens or hundreds of thousands of plugins is much less likely to cause problems, than one with fewer active installations. If tens of thousands of people have added a particular plugin to their WordPress website, then any problems will have usually already been identified.

Beside, you also see the last time updated. A plugin is being updated regularly, it will be more reliable.  From the WordPress directory you can see what version has been tested. This is useful for beginner. 

5. Easy to add to your WordPress website

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WordPress was designed in a way which allows any developer to add their own code into it. The WordPress plugin has hooks and filters which enable developers to add their own functionality onto it. It is registered in the database. You can choose to activate or deactivate that plugin from the admin panel.

You can easily find and add plugins to your website. There are 2 ways of doing this. You can select Plugins from the dashboard and then Add New. Using the search field you can locate plugins that meet your needs. For example, If you want to find a contact form, you can search for ” contact”. You will be presented with a list of plugins that enable you to add a contact form to your website.

Beside, you can also download a plugin directly from the WordPress Plugin directory. The WordPress plugin will be a zip file  and then activated.

In short, you can add any feature you want in only a few minutes and without coding knowledge

How to avoid plugin bloat

Although plugins have lots of advantages, you need to be careful to use it. The quality of plugins can effect on the performance of your website. If you do notice slow loading time, you may want to test deactivating it, to see if this was what has contributed to the drop in performance.

The ease of adding plugins can lead some website owners to add unnecessary plugins to your website. You have to avoid it. Just select plugins from well-recognized developers and to consider carefully.


WordPress plugins have changed the way that people build websites. Plugins help non- IT people to achieve the exact functionality and features that they require from their website. These features can be added quickly at a low price point. For businesses operating in a fast changing business environment, Plugin is very useful.

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