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Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online


Optimize the day by day operations of your salon business with salon apps. Salon reserving online structures make a certain multifunction guide for offerings inclusive of appointment booking, scheduling, reviews, billing, and bills for the maximum utilization of to be had sources. The diverse control functions connected to the salon appointment apps provide customers the benefit of saving locator gear, reserving confirmation notifications, take a look at-in timings, waitlist, and upcoming bargain coupons.

Must-Have Features of a Salon App to Boost Your Salon Booking Online

Inventory management

Analytical tools are attached to the salon appointment scheduling software for efficient inventory management. Salon software also provides detailed inventory reports so product data can be used to further streamline everyday tasks.

Automated SMS and email marketing

Achieve good business results with effective email and text-driven marketing campaigns. You can use the salon booking app’s messaging feature to achieve maximum results.


Along with easy scheduling and scheduling techniques, manage your workforce with the best booking software performance metrics. The beauty salon apps have built-in features that support biometric timekeeping, commission tracking, and payroll processing.

Online booking

This is one of the most obvious features of the salon app, you can also maintain customer history and record visits through the best salon booking online software. Add photos, documents and conduct follow-up with this salon app.

Point of sale (POS)

The POS system allows salon businesses to instantly view customer profiles to send discounts, payment reminders and share bonus points. POS software helps to accept payments from a variety of methods to sell services and products.

Performance analyzer

Centralize your salon business activities with the performance analyzer of appointment scheduling software. Set weekly / monthly goals, calculate inventory turnover, define growth goals, and accomplish customer acquisition with the best free and paid salon appointment booking apps.

Best Salon Appointment Booking Apps in 2020 

1. MySalon App

If you enjoy being relaxed and comfortable most at your favorite salon, MySalon app is for you! MySalon app is best suits for any kinds of businesses such as nail studios, beauty parlor and hair styling. This is the perfect way to stay connected, manage your reservations and get all the latest news and specials on your mobile phone.

With mySALONapp you can:

– Book online, reschedule or cancel appointments with the click of a button

– Be the first to know about specials and last-minute discounts

– Stay informed and entertained with the latest hair styling news, inspiration and tips

– And more!

MySALONapp is used by more than 14,000 businesses worldwide.

  • Website Integration: No
  • Email marketing: Email support available in Silver, Gold and Platinum paid plans.
  • SMS: No
  • Accounting: No
  • POS: No
  • Inventory: No
  • Price: There is a free trial version available of this app. There are 3 premium plans also available, including Silver, Gold and Platinum. All these packages cost around 1509, ₹ 3020 and ₹ 5285 respectively.

2. Salon Iris Salon Booking App

Salon Iris is a powerful booking app at your fingertips. This app frees you from doing your business at a computer. Because it is designed especially for iPhone and iPad users to managing your business on the run quick and easy.

Viewing, editing or adding appointments is no longer a challenge with Salon Iris’ online booking system. Not just managing clients, you can use this salon appointment booking app to keep track of business activities from your home.

Besides, you allow your customers to book directly from your Instagram business account. Instagram is a powerful social media to drive more visitors come to you. And, of course, by adding eye-catching “Book Now” button, you start gaining more guests with an unforgettable experience.

  • Website Integration: No
  • Email marketing: Yes
  • SMS: Yes
  • Accounting: Yes (Payroll, commission and bonus management capabilities)
  • POS: No
  • Price: You can try the free version for 14 days. There are 3 paid packages: Basic, Deluxe and Premier with the respective prices of ₹ 2189, ₹ 4455, ₹ 8231

3. SalonAppy – Best Salon App

Managing your Salon and Spa has never been easier with SalonAppy. This app is designed for hair, beauty and nail salons, barbershops and spas.. We provide you with web interfaces and mobile apps, so that you can run your salon from anywhere, anytime.

If you prefer to use SalonAppy from a computer, you can benefit from all the features by simply putting a computer on the desk

Moreover, all the data entered into the system via mobile apps will be synced on the desktop as well.

You can also try a free trial version for your salon and spa beauty in 14 days.

  • Website: Web interface
  • Email marketing: Send remarketing messages at one click of a button
  • SMS: SMS reminders available
  • Accounting: Accounting support available in the form of cashier reports and employee bonuses.
  • POS: Yes
  • Inventory: Yes
  • Price: Along with a free trial version in 14 days, there are 3 options that you can choose from, including Starter, Standard and Professional package. Each plans cost ₹ 679, ₹ 1434 and ₹ 4151 respectively.

4. Shedul Salon App

Are you looking for a simple, flexible and powerful booking app for your salon, spa and wellness business? You are in the right place. Shedul Salon App is a clean and simple tool with powerful calendar scheduling features that can handle all your salon appointment bookings. Features include online booking, pos with payments and mobile apps.

You can maintain client relationships with advanced salon software management features with detailed client appointments history, booking preferences, future bookings and contact details. Besides, by sending automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes, it reduces no-shows rate.

  • Website: Online booking from website is provided
  • Email marketing: Available
  • SMS: Available
  • Accounting: No
  • POS: POS sales transactions available
  • Inventory: No
  • Price: It’s totally free so you can create your free partner account by logging into software’s official website.

5. MyCuts Salon App

You want the app that will help you boost productivity and profits? MyCuts Salon App is the perfect choice for you. Instead of spending more time managing and scheduling appointments, now with this app you can spend more time with your clients providing more services. With automatic appointment confirmation and reminder, you can be sure that your client will show up for the appointment!

Also, this app will help you increase client retention and referrals by keeping a record of your client’s preferences, hair formulas and interests like What did you do last time for the client? What do they like to talk about? And your client will be happy to come back to you because you took a personal interest in them.

Take advantage of the MyCuts salon’s online booking features to use your resources to ensure customer and guest satisfaction. Automatically confirm appointments and generate quick reminders to start your salon business. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a suitable device to download appointment scheduling software. You can use the desktop version by synchronizing your Windows with the software.

  • Website Integration: Available
  • Email marketing: Option to send emails to clients
  • SMS: Unlimited text messaging
  • Accounting: No
  • POS: No
  • Inventory: Available
  • Price: With the free version, you can easily manage up to 25 customers. There are 2 Standard and Premium price plans corresponding to the price of ₹ 1056 and ₹ 1810.


By using Salon Booking Apps, it helps to manage, control and modify the salon’s day-to-day business growth as well as deliver maximum customer satisfaction. I hope that you can choose one of the Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online that I have listed carefully here.

And, leave comments if you have any questions about my post. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

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Stay tuned on my blog: Woo Booking to discover more about solutions and tips about Woocommerce, Booking and Appointment.

Thank you and Best regards.

How to sell bookings with WooCommerce and WordPress?

woocommerce booking (2)


There are many business applications for scheduling and booking systems, the most popular for businesses based on scheduled time periods. From doctors to hairdressers and personal trainers, many services are timetable and billed by time or by appointment. Today we learn how to create and set up your own WooCommerce booking system.

First, we are investigating how and why you should book an appointment and make a reservation on WordPress. We look at various options for WordPress appointment plugin, especially WooCommerce based solutions. Then we check how to set up your WooCommerce booking products. And finally, we dive into how to filter users based on their booking information.

Lets see more about that issue!

Why should we use WooCommerce event and appointment scheduling?

There are many business apps for booking and scheduling appointments. In general, the reservation is used for specific time services. So an appointment with a doctor makes sense, while software development may not work the same way. The most common usage is for services where you need customers to be present. Private classes, massages, locations for your favorite laser tagging. All of these are booking based services.

When it comes to the actual implementation of WooCommerce event booking, there are a few options.

You can use it simply as a way to lock time slots for a particular customer. This ensures that you only have one person for that hour, date or whatever time analysis you specify.

Another option is to book and charge. This is the usage you would get for a regular WooCommerce appointment website. For this option, WooCommerce will manage your bookings and sales.

Using WooCommerce Booking is a great choice, as it suits any WooCommerce or WordPress site well. Alternatively, you can use the user base you have for services, as well as their history. So a customer who has purchased a book on how to play the guitar may be interested in training or lessons.

Now it’s time for our setup.

How to set up WooCommerce and Booking ?

For this solution we use WooCommerce Group WooCommerce Booking plugin.

This plugin requires the latest version of WooCommerce and that’s it. When you enable WooCommerce Booking plugin, you will have a new product category: Bookings. They can be used for your event and appointment.

Note that this means you can have multiple reservation products. Hence, you can have a variety of consulting products, appointment types or even different resources. This is cool if you have a group or even if you have multiple booking sources.

Here is an example. Let’s create a preset WooCommerce product. Just go to Product> Add New.

Here you can set up basic booking options, allowing customers to cancel and define a reservation deadline. But notice that you now have 2 additional options besides the product type. The first is “people” and second “has resources”.

The ‘people’ option allows you to define how many customers can benefit from that service. For example, an Airbnb can have different rates depending on the number of guests staying. Let’s enable that option and see what else we can do there:

Some of the first schools are self explanatory. Things get more interesting when you have the type of person. This allows you to carry out different types of expenses. For example, you might not just want to multiply the number of people by the cost of the reservation. Then you can have different prices for bigger parties or discounts for kids. Here’s how we will add it:

Now go back to our resource management. If you turn on “have resources”, you’ll also see a new tab. This option allows you to assign customers to a specific resource or distribute loads among team members. For example, if you have a WordPress course hosting website, you probably have multiple teachers. You can add them as resources in Reservations> Resources. Then, when you create a product, you can use this information. Let’s see it in action:

There, you can see that we allow users to choose their own teachers. You can also force the system to select them if you want. Then, when customers pre-order their time slots, your resource’s calendar is updated accordingly. This prevents double booking and you can sync your calendar with Google Calendar to show it elsewhere.

In addition, your reservation schedule can be displayed by product or by resource. This allows you to see an overview of your sales or filter them by what you want to see.

How to filter users based on appointments and scheduling?

Now your WordPress scheduling plugin is up and running. Then, it’s time to filter our customers and bookings. For that, we use the User Insights plugin. Just make sure you enable the WooCommerce module under User Insights> Modules.

First of all, we want to filter out all users who have purchased a preset product. We can do that by filtering users with a “product ordered” filter.

Likewise, you can check for users who have not yet purchased the product. This is especially suitable for marketing purposes. For example, you can filter all users who have purchased “About CSS” but have not yet subscribed to “CSS tutors”. You can then export these users and contact them using MailChimp. You can offer them special deals:

When it comes to pre-bookable products, your repeat buyers are important. Hence, it can be a good idea to identify them and make sure you keep a good rapport. You can filter repeat buyers by the number of their orders:

In addition, there are filters related to the order attribute. This is a powerful search and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can filter all users who have booked a reserved but canceled item. Therefore, you can use this information to dig deeper into the cause of your cancellation.


Today, we took a look at how to set up your WooCommerce booking system. We learned the basics of how the WooCommerce scheduling system can be helpful for you. Then we took a look at how to use the WooCommerce Bookings plugin. There are many options for your scheduling and appointment, including resource management and a variety of preset products. Finally, we investigated how to filter users based on their purchases and bookings for purchased products.

We hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!

Lets see more product of Woocommerce Booking at : https://cmsmart.net/ 

WordPress Review Plugin: Booking and Appointment plugin


Full Integration

WooCommerce was designed to be fully integrate with many plugins. It can be used to create & manage all types of booking services, like tickets, tours, appointments, hotel bookings and a lot of more functions and it is very flexible

User Testing

The principal thing we will do is go to items to design the booking framework. 

At the point when you are on the item page, click the “Include New” catch to include more item things. Enter your title name and include some body content for your item. 

To see and go legitimately to the settings of the booking structure simply look down on the item page until you see the tab, “Booking.” 

You will see the first checkbox marked “Empowered Booking Date.” Click that catch to empower all the booking frameworks. You can likewise check the second box on the off chance that you need to have a numerous day booking. Look down, and you will see two alternatives to choose. You will see the two checkboxes – here you have a decision on the off chance that you realize what booking strategy are you going to utilize. For this demo, we will simply pick explicit dates. 

Select the particular dates that you need to empower for booking. We will currently set up the Specific Date Booking. You will likewise see that there is a drop down menu of the schedule. Watch beneath how we select a booking date and a time allotment dependent on the accessibility.

Lock Out Date After

In the event that you are utilizing just date-based appointments, you have to ensure that the “Lockout Date after X Orders” field isn’t left clear or 0. In the event that this occurs, it won’t show the date on the site.

Manage Time Slots

Just click the manage dates time slots tab, here you can view the specific dates time slots. You can also do a timed delete at a right side with the red “X” Button. After the configuration, don’t forget to click “Update”.

You will need to double check the setup and take a run down. If everything is good now, we can directly view the product. On the product page, click “View Product.”

We all know that this booking and appointment plugin has an advanced integration with WooCommerce, it has “Real-time” availability checking done at checkout page in case of there being more than one visitor trying to book the same service that has a space only for one. Check out the tutorial below.


Allows visitors to “Add to Cart” only when the booking date and/or time slot is chosen.

In this scenario, the live demo is showing that the client is booking a hotel reservation. This is how simple the plugin works and integrates with WooCommerce.

This plugin allows you to do the following functions.

Booking and Rental

It allows you to set booking for hotel, accommodation, and apartment rental 

It allows you to set hotel booking, accommodation, and apartment rental type of services. The hotel booking and rental is the most popular with travelers. People like to book their vacation in advance using a form of online payment or a credit card.

Google Calendar 2-Way Sync

Bookings can be synced into the Admin’s & Customer’s Google Calendar automatically.  Google Calendar is one of the most widely used calendars in the world, and Timely has happily synced appointments with it. There is one teeny limitation, though – appointments can only be synced from Timely to Google and not the other way around. In other words, we called it a “one-way” sync.


By this function, the user can do a “Search” for the product to see the available slots with the use of dates.

Time Slots for Different Booking Days

You can simply add different time slots for various booking days. It will depend on the client what time slots they choose and when it’s most convenient for them.

Option to Capture Only Booking Dates

With this plugin functions, you select an option to capture only booking dates if you are not using time-based services. This will depend on your suggested capture time.

Make Changes with Ease

The plugin can easily do any changes of the booking field labels and accessibility messages that are appeared to clients on your site.

Large Selection of Themes

There are 24 different themes for the booking calendar. It is stunning, well-designed theme for the admin to choose what themes they like. These themes are user-friendly and responsive. 


This calendar can make the booking calendar in 62 different languages. These languages can be used anywhere around the world

 Export in Many Formats

The most convenient feature is the export. This plugin can export bookings to CSV, PDF, Excel formats. PDF file is the most popular export

Automatic Export and Import

It has a completely automatic Export and Import of bookable orders to Google Calendar. Google Calendar permits users to create and edit events. Events have a set beginning time and stop time with an option for an “All-day event.” Users can enable a “Recurring” functionality with optional parameters for recurrence. Users also have the ability to add a color to an special event to help recognize it from others. The automatic Export and Import tools are a very useful function of this plugin.

Check more information at: https://cmsmart.net/ 


Ways to Increase Appointment Booking on Your Website


In recent years, e-commerce has become a dispensable part of the global retail framework. Like some other industries, thanks to the advent of the internet and the ongoing digitalization of modern life, the retail landscape has changed a lot. And it leads to the fact that consumers from virtually every country now profit from the perks of online transactions. And below are some statistics about retail eCommerce sales in all over the world. When internet access and adoption are rapidly increasing, the number of digital buyers keeps going rapidly every year. According to Statista, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online in 2019. And during the same year, ecommerce retail sales reached 3.5 trillion dollars worldwide. And that’s means, this field is as enormous potential that you shouldn’t miss.

No matter that your company is an experienced player or you are just stepping on the path, with these following tips of ways to increase appointment booking, it will help you drive sales and increase your revenue.

Why does increasing appointment booking is important for your business?

The appointment booking is important for your business because it’s a great way for driving the company’s revenue. Now, it allows the businessmen to give the reins to the customers, allowing them to make decisions and purchase services at any convenient no matter where their location is.

As the result, you may automate the entire booking process, decrease the administration’s duties, and focus more effort on offering the customers the best service you have. In keeping with the latest study, every sector benefits from the usage of online booking systems and will continue to do so in the future.

Ways to Increase Appointment Booking on Your Website

Appointment booking has a lot of perks; however, the portion of those who benefit from them is relatively small. The main reasons are the inconvenience of the webmaster reservation system, lack of user visual design and related technical issues. In some cases, website owners don’t see the strong impact of scheduling automation on a company’s bottom line.

Luckily, there are some tips on how to maximize the efficiency of your appointment booking system to drive customers through your door. Keep in mind them to increase sales while you have more free time.

1. Make your booking option and CTA stand out

Make your booking options clearly visible on the web. One of the tips for attracting the attention of customers is to add a button of contrasting color to the navigation button, where the link will direct the user to which page. You should also add the multiple booking block on the page. For example, you can place a post in a widget next to, in a pop-up, in the footer, and even split up your blog post with a call or visit schedule invitation.

Studies which CTAs works best for your enterprise and target audience and browse some effective examples. Try to be creative, take into account that undertaking number one is to get clients to convert. For that purpose, they must definitely apprehend what you need them to do. In case you’re unsure of the impact, hold your CTAs as clear and easy as “Book now”.

2. Promotion and rewards.

Manually booking via phone or email requires someone responsible for scheduling and scheduling appointments. Also, it takes time that both customers and company employees can spend time on other important things. You can improve appointment scheduling by rewarding customers who use the online system instead of traditional methods. For example, a 20% discount is offered if a customer makes a reservation through the app or through the website.

3. Keep the information current

Make sure you provide customers with the most up-to-date information. Always check if important data like location, business hours and other details are clear and up to date. If not, the sales process will be disrupted.

If you use automation for processing scheduling, make sure you use a reliable tool that will ensure a perfect distribution of workloads and utilization rates. Visualize any additional information a user may need when completing an online booking like payment options or cancellation policies. Include a related FAQ section or a link to that section close to the booking form.

4. Let’s your potential customers know about the online booking feature

Don’t expect clients to learn about appointment booking possibilities themselves. Tell them that your company accepts online booking by sharing news via your blog or any social networking sites you use (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This is the fastest way to reach your existing customers.

You can use the marketing campaigns to let customers know about this feature. Besides, another smart way is, you can integrate a QR code, which contains the URL link that leads to your booking website, thereby increasing the number of bookings or bookings to your company.

5. Using a reliable online booking system

A good online booking system besides allowing customers to book appooinment, it also provides important details for the upcoming meeting. Some great features to have include email automation and sync with your calendar like Google Calendar.

Errors, lack of confirmation messages, or out of sync with your calendar can result in ineffective performance, loss of business, or risk your company’s reputation. Thankfully, there is a booking plugin that can help you with important tasks, eliminating the unnecessary ones without any risk.

You can access the link here to know more about this plugin.


I know you’re very busy running your business, but these tips don’t take too long to execute and they are all made to add value to your business. If you have some tips or other ways to make an appointment, please share with me so that more people can add more ways to increase more appointments in the long run.

And, leave comments if you have any questions about my post. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

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Stay tuned on my blog: Woo Booking to discover more about solutions and tips about Woocommerce, Booking and Appointment.

Thank you and Best regards.

Top Woo Commerce preset plugins to help build your business and improve customer service

woo commerce booking (12)


WooCommerce is definitely one of the biggest players in eCommerce world today. And, as your clients are more accustomed to online appointment scheduling than calling in advance, it is more important than ever that you meet this need.

If you run a WooCommerce store, (think hotel, travel, tour, spa, fitness trainer, salon or consultant) and want to offer a friendly booking system to users for your customers, keep reading.

Today I’m going to share with you the top benefits of providing online booking solutions for your website visitors, as well as some of the best booking solutions available for WooCommerce. This way, you can understand how to make your business even more successful and find a way to show customers what you have on hand so they can schedule an appointment with you or your team – all with just a few simple clicks.

Why is the online booking plugin available?

  1. Make an appointment quickly and efficiently

Everyone is busy. It is a natural truth and will not change anytime soon. By providing your busy clients a way to book appointments online, you make things more convenient for them.

Think about it:

No longer keeping interested customers when they call you because you are on the line with other customers

Scheduling after-hours (think late-night or early-morning) appointments is now available, so customers don’t have to wait until you open the door to call (this may affect their schedule )

Customers can easily see what’s available and when without having to talk back and forth with you or your team

  1. Improved organization

If you are running a very busy (and successful) online business, chances are you will always have a lot of customers buying, asking questions, making reservations and making appointments, etc. In addition, you’re dealing with all of the administrative tasks related to your business, both offline and online.

Unless you’re a super organized person, providing online booking solutions just makes things easier. No more confusing paper calendars and pens, double reservations, forget appointments, or lose bills. Instead, a solid online booking solution will give you and your team the tools needed to keep everything related to appointment scheduling organized and in one convenient location.

When it comes to running a business, help is always helpful. If you’re looking for a way to keep your business appointments in order, check out the following WooCommerce booking solutions.

WooCommerce preset plugin

There are many booking solutions out there when you run your WordPress site. That said, when it comes to WooCommerce booking solutions, the options are much thinner.

However, the options I’m about to share with you offer many features, multiple rates, and full integration with WooCommerce so your booking needs are taken care of, no matter which option you choose to use.

1, Reservations on WooCommerce

WooCommerce Bookings is a powerful WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell reservations based on time or date. For example, by adding a new product category to your WooCommerce site, WooCommerce Booking allows customers to reserve their seats without having to leave the website, make a phone call, or walk into your store. Also, sell overnight reservations, tickets, tours, hotel reservations, appointments and even rentals, directly from your website. Better yet, view your website presets in a stunning visual calendar or an easy-to-read list format.

Additional features include:

Set date and time based on availability, avoid overbooking or doubling

Real-time availability shown to website visitors

Create fixed intervals

Allows multiple people to make reservations

Email notifications of customers

Approve all appointments or let customers book now

Overall, for those who provide appointment, service or rental, this official WooCommerce add-on is an ideal booking solution.

Price: $ 249

2.WooCommerce Scheduling & Appointment Plugin

WooCommerce Scheduling & Appointment Plugin, brought to you by the talented team of Tyche Softwares, is another flexible booking solution for those who want to boost appointments, stay organized and on offer exceptional customer service. Start by offering any WooCommerce product as a preset product or linked to other types of WooCommerce products, such as simple, variable, group, mix, or product bundle. Furthermore, approve or deny reservations, export and import preset orders into Google Calendar, and translate your content using the popular WPML translation plugin.

Additional features include:

Add global or product-specific holidays, absent dates or exclude dates

Deploy periodic booking days

Customize the booking field labels and the availability that customers see

See your business’s reservations in a list or calendar view

Actual availability constantly updates to avoid overbooking

Set a special price for weekdays, periods or special days

Overall, this flexible booking solution is as powerful as the official WooCommerce extension and at a lower price point, making it a bit more affordable for smaller businesses or those people on a tighter budget.

Price: $ 199

3, RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental System

WooCommerce Reservation Solution – RnB – WooCommerce & Rental; Reservation system

Fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin where you run your online store, RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rent System is a user-friendly booking solution that allows you to book time-based bookings. time or date on its website. For example, order unlimited preset products and access real-time inventory stats. In addition, allowing customers to request quotes and even make discounts on special booking days or times. Plus, integrates with your Google Calendar, translates your content with WPML and sends email notifications, making things more organized, expansive, and time-friendly.

Additional features include:

Unlimited product features

Minimum and maximum booking date

Deposit required

Determine the cost of where to receive and return the goods

Configure date formats

Set date block to exclude certain days

Overall, this revolutionary booking plugin competes with some of the most popular WooCommerce booking solutions on the market, offering a wide range of features to keep your customers happy.

Price: $ 29

4,WooCommerce Easy Booking

WooCommerce Easy Booking offers website owners a simple way to offer the same products as booked or rented without paying fees as a premium booking solution. While not nearly as popular as some other solutions, this booking plugin allows you to add a field or two to each product page and calculate pricing on a daily, nightly, weekly, or custom basis. Need more features? Check out these premium add-ons that extend the functionality of WooCommerce Easy Booking:

Check availability

. Manage product inventory and stock availability.

Reduced duration

. Discounts or surcharges apply depending on the booking period.

Turn off the date

. Disable the date, date, and date range for booking.


. Set different rates depending on date, date and date range.

Lastly, this free plugin provides a basic booking solution for your WooCommerce website, while also offering reasonably priced extensions if you need a little more.

Price: Free

5,Pinpoint Booking System

WooCommerce Booking Solution – Exact Booking System

Another WooCommerce integrated booking solution available for those who want to allow customers to rent accommodation, schedule services, book an event or get online reservations is the Pinpoint Booking System. To get started, translate the content for a global audience and accept payments through the secure PayPal payment system. Next, maintain complete control over things like booking times and dates and even create custom booking forms for times when you need more information from your customers.

Additional features include:

AJAX calendar with clean interface

One-page reservation process for customer convenience

Powerful admin area for managing reservations

Fully responsive and adaptable to all device sizes

Change the currency to match your target audience

Share business locations on PINTPOINT.WORLD to increase brand visibility

In short, this booking plugin offers all the features you need to maximize your business’s booking potential – for free. However, for those who want to expand with premium add-ons, see what Exact Booking System is available here.

Price : Free


Lastly, there are a number of options that are definitely available for your booking needs if you run a WooCommerce store. And, given the benefits the booking system gives both you and your guests, there’s really no reason not to invest a bit of time and possibly money in a WooCommerce booking plugin for the site. your WordPress site.

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How to run a successful bookings-based website

successful website


Creating a successful booking-based website isn’t easy. You have to word hard and bring a lot of creativity. These ideas will help you improve your website as well as make the relationship with potential customers.

Have a clear pages about your offerings

While making separate pages for various bookable items may appear to be somewhat dreary, it’s the most ideal approach to be sure that potential clients realize what the contrasts between your contributions are. There are different advantages, as well, including: 

Space to completely clarify the advantages of an alternate bookable item in duplicate — for instance, a more extended meeting or updated room 

The capacity to add special photographs to each page 

The capacity for each bookable item to have its own surveys — so if a client is wavering about an overhauled booking versus a passage level one, they may be influenced by the surveys (more on that in the blink of an eye) 

More duplicate and substance for your site in general = better clearness for clients, and conceivably better Website design enhancement 

In the event that you think your clients will need to see the contrasts between bookable choices next to each other, you can at present make a “which alternative should I pick?” page with a realistic or text-based table to help manage them. Be that as it may, you should then connect to each different item from said page so the potential client can peruse more about every alternative before settling on an official conclusion.

Try not to leave clients in obscurity about your valuing 

Some entrepreneurs are reluctant to distribute rates for their appointments on the web, regardless of whether they offer virtual training meetings or in-person arrangements. This normally comes from a dread of their opposition undermining them. 

Notwithstanding, your clients need to recognize what they ought to hope to pay for a booking — they unquestionably won’t be thoughtful to your dread of the opposition. In the event that they can’t discover your estimating, they’re probably going to leave your site for another.

Eliminate the hassle for your potential customers and ditch the contact or quote forms

As for your competitors, it’s true that they’ll be able to find out what you’re charging at a glance. But there’s much more than pricing that sets your businesses apart from one another! 

Be open about your availability or staffing

There’s nothing more irritating than attempting to book a meeting with a business whose distributed hours and real hours are not much. 

This as of late transpired when I attempted to book an arrangement to have a tattoo cleaned up. The business’ site had week after week hours for each of the four of their specialists, which looked encouraging. In any case, when I sent in a request to make an arrangement, I was advised not just that I expected to book a couple of months ahead of time (for a brief final detail!), yet that the specialists weren’t working those hours by any means. 

Try not to make guarantees you can’t keep. On account of this tattoo shop, I presently have no clue in the event that I’ll actually have the option to get the craftsman I need. In the event that you guarantee you’ll acknowledge arrangements from 8-5 yet duck out at 3 consistently for an espresso, you’re doing likewise — confounding clients who are being revealed to one thing on the web, however something else when they attempt to book with you. 

Instead, do this: 

  • Be 100% exact about your staffing. On the off chance that your workers are just there intermittently, state that. It probably won’t look as solid as movements with set hours, yet it’s straightforward — and you can in any case expression it in an incredible way, ex. “we plan our working hours around your necessities.” 
  • On the off chance that you close up look for lunch, supper, or breaks, those hours ought to be closed off. Neighborhood clients may attempt to book those occasions since they don’t conflict with their work routine, however they should know early on the off chance that they can’t. 
  • Make changes to your distributed hours when they occur. On the off chance that you can’t take appointments on Saturdays, your site ought to mirror that right away. Nobody ought to need to call or email you to locate that out. 

Letting your likely clients down can prompt a feeling of disappointment that slaughters the deal. It could likewise unleash ruin on their timetables. Be touchy to their necessities by staying up with the latest, and you’ll rest easy thinking about the whole experience.

Let customers book themselves

successful website

As you would have seen, there’s an ongoing idea in these tips: killing client burden. Honestly, the way to making a stellar appointments site is making the way toward booking as simple on your clients as could reasonably be expected. 

With that in mind, the most ideal approach to make this cycle totally bother free is to set up an appointments framework that you don’t need to utilize — that is, permitting your clients to book their arrangements, reservations, or meetings themselves. 

The time of driving somebody to call or email to get a statement, make an arrangement, or start a business relationship is rapidly reaching a conclusion. Data is promptly accessible on request — for what reason shouldn’t your timetable be similarly as available? 

Clients ought to have the option to book their own arrangements. On the off chance that they can’t, they may get baffled… and wind up going somewhere else. 

In case you’re as of now utilizing WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Appointments expansion is the absolute best approach to achieve the accomplishment of taking appointments on the web. You can likewise utilize the Convenience Appointments add-on to get extra highlights ideal for locales offering remains at lodgings, lodges, or other escape objections. 

By utilizing either of these augmentations, you’ll have the option to unveil your accessibility in a couple of snaps, permitting clients and customers the same to reserve a spot without looking out for you for a statement or get back to. It’s significantly more helpful, and it’s a tremendous change promoter also!

Send email confirmations and reminders

At the point when a client makes a booking with you, probably the best activity is orchestrate a mechanized email to be sent with the date, time, and area of their booking included. This will both fill in as an affirmation for true serenity and an update. 

It’s additionally worth considering setting up mechanized email updates that can be conveyed maybe 24 hours ahead of time of each reserving. These messages may basically remind clients that their arrangement is coming up, or they could give supportive a minute ago subtleties, similar to headings, a rundown of what to bring/have arranged, or so on. 

In the event that you need to send robotized development or update messages, you can set these up utilizing programming like MailChimp.

Use feedback and reviews to your advantage

successful website

Do you permit audits of your appointments to be added to your site? If not, you should: contemplates show that around 89% of potential clients trust even mysterious surveys, and the individuals who read them are twice as liable to make a buy. 

The surveys your clients and customers leave can be an enormous advantage. Use them for your potential benefit by making them more noticeable for the following possible clients to see. 

Making the input and surveys you gather from clients accessible can bigly affect your prosperity. Regardless of whether few out of every odd bit of criticism is shining or 100% positive, the way that you have input at all gives potential clients motivation to confide in you. 

Beside empowering surveys on booking pages or pages for explicit postings (ex. in the event that you offer various administrations or facilities), you can likewise feature good audits or bits of criticism on your landing page, or in uncommon illustrations set somewhere else on your site. You can even utilize these in messages or showcasing efforts in the event that you wish.

Ready to enable bookings for your WordPress site?

Searching for a WordPress Bookings plugin? The simplest ways to add bookings capability to a WordPress site – in order to take reservations, sell time, and more – is to add the free WooCommerce plugin and purchase the WooCommerce Bookings add-on.

You can see: 6 Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Finding success with online bookings is just a few steps away

Selling your time online can be dubious, however a large portion of the fight is building a site that persuades likely clients to take a risk on you. (The other half? Making your business, obviously.) 

We trust these tips assist you with improving your appointments based site and draw in more clients. With simply a couple of changes, we wager you’ll be picking up heaps of business and selling additional time than any time in recent memory.

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Woocommerce booking review- How good is a WordPress booking system?

woo commerce booking plugin review

Woo commerceWith WordPress and WooCommerce you can create full-fledged, self-managing and feature rich online booking systems, all by yourselves. Click here to check out the must-have features for your online booking system.

Generally, you can use WooCommerce bookings for :

Online Bookings

Appointment booking

Table reservations

But, with your creativity and ideas, you can use the options provided by WooCommerce bookings for almost anything. The plugin allows you all the flexibility to create and manage online bookings. Further in this article, we are going to discuss the features that make us recommend WooCommerce Bookings for your online booking engine. booking review- How good is a WordPress booking system?

When it comes to ecommerce, Woo Commerce is the best WordPress plugin. There are many add-ons that you can use to incorporate different features into your website. For example, you can create an online booking website by adding the “Woo Commerce Booking” add-on to your website.

If you try to create an online booking website by encrypting it, it will take days, if not weeks or months. Because, along with booking, there are a lot of other co-related features that need to be considered. To create an automated and full proof booking system, you’ll have to spend more time managing your code and testing the system for different scenarios.

However, thanks to CMS like WordPress and effective plugins like Woo Commerce and Woo Commerce Bookings. Creating feature-rich WordPress sites is NOT currently a restricted domain for web programmers and technicians.

To create an automated and fully proof booking system, you’ll have to spend more time managing your code and testing the system for different scenarios.

The perks of using Reservations on WooCommerce

WooCommerce Booking is one of the most effective plugins for creating WordPress Online booking system. Plugins are loaded with features and flexibility allowing you to have full control over how you want to sell presets. You can also create custom booking ranges and pricing (More on this in the following sections) when you want to manage availability and prices for a certain time of the year.

Here are the best WooCommerce booking features that make it the best alternative to creating your online booking system.

Works with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best free and best eCommerce plugin that everyone loves. If you want the features and advantages of WooCommerce with your booking website, the best option you have is to use WooCommerce Booking.

WooCommerce is very simple, feature-rich, flexible and very easy to use. All of these features are also inherited by WooCommerce reservations.

Once you have this plugin installed in your website, you can still add products just like you would with WooCommerce (simply Product ⇒ Add New). While placing product details, you will see an additional option appear after you activate WooCommerce preset. Select “Reservation Products” and then simply create bookable blocks, set availability and cost.

So creating and adding products with WooCommerce Bookings is really easy.

Pricing per block, tax, discount for date ranges

WooCommerce Booking allows you to create fully automated online booking tools. You simply create a preset block by specifying a time and cost limit for each block. The price on the user interface will be calculated automatically based on the user’s choice.

Example: – If the block is pre-booked one day per block, at $ 200, and the user chooses to place 12 such blocks, the price will automatically be counted as $ 24. You can even set the tax rate per sale or discount.

Unlike old systems where you have to spend most of your time managing online reservations you receive, WooCommerce booking allows you to create a self-managed online booking system. You just need to enter prices, taxes, discounts, etc. and all applicable dates will be billed and prices charged will be calculated accordingly.

Flexibility to create preset blocks

WooCommerce means flexibility. With WooCommerce booking, you can specify whether you want your visitors to determine the length of a preset block, or you can place a fixed bookable block that a customer can book. For example, you can create a fixed 2-hour preset time for a spa treatment appointment. Or you can let customers decide the number of rooms in a day they want to book for your hotel room.

You can also specify the duration of each preset block by hour, day, week or year. This is WooCommerce’s reservation way that ensures that you can create bookable blocks for appointments (by hour) or bookable block for hotel (day and week) or villa rental (month), etc

This helps you to create a booking website of almost any theme. For example, by creating a block that can be reserved for an hour or two, you can easily create an appointment system with WooCommerce reservations.

Select the maximum number of presets for a particular time period

You can specify the number of possible reservations for a fixed period of time. For example, say you have 10 luxury rooms in your hotel. Therefore, you can allow 10 rooms of that hotel. When the 11th customer tries to book a luxury room, he will not be allowed unless he chooses an available slot.

There many things to discussion about this problem, so hard to give the best way to find more about the best product for the company. However, that must be

This feature is very beneficial as it avoids overbooking. If you don’t want to allow multiple presets for a single preset block, you simply need to set 1 as the maximum number of presets.

Custom range for preset

If you want certain days of the year for which you don’t want reservations allowed, you can use range settings. You can just add ranges, choose start and end dates, and then set the criteria for that date range. This is useful if you want to make a reservation that is not allowed within a specific time period.

Example: You want to disallow your hotel reservation between January 15 and February 10 of this year for renovation and maintenance. So all you need to do is create a range with dates starting January 15, 2020, and February 10, 2020, and set “preset allowable” to “No”. This will make the dates unavailable for booking.

The reservation is fully automatic

There are tons of WordPress hotel booking themes you can choose from, allowing guests to book online. Some booking sites need administrator intervention to confirm a reservation. This type of system can be inefficient when there is a large number of rooms and booking processing. When the user specifies the request, date, number of people, etc., a reservation request will be sent. It’s important to note that the user can only submit a reservation request and then wait for a response from the admin.

Reservations on WooCommerce are different. You don’t necessarily have a WordPress hotel booking theme for it. You can simply grab a WooCommerce compatible theme and create your own booking website. Users can directly check to see if there are reserved seats available for their dates. If available, he can pay online and receive a booking confirmation in real time. Such a system is more efficient, not only for visitors to book, but also for administrators. If you are the administrator of that site, you do not need to check the requirements. Booking on WooCommerce allows you to create a self-managed online booking system.

Custom price ranges

Just like WooCommerce booking allows you to set custom availability, you can also set custom prices. What if you want to raise your price during a specific time of the year, or if you want to sell your bookings at a discount for a week or so?

WooCommerce allows you to manage this very flexibly. Simply choose a date range, then set a price for those dates. Example – You want to allow a guest to book a room at your hotel for a 20% discount for Christmas. So you can create a range with start and end dates, and then set a special price for that period.

The following example shows how you can sell reservations for half the base price for a predetermined time period.


It is flexible and graceful allowing you to create almost any type of online booking engine. Even if you’re a tech savvy and don’t have much experience using WordPress, WooCommerce and WooCommerce reservations are easy to learn. Furthermore, WooCommerce booking is a premium WooCommerce add-on – safe, efficient, and supported. If while using WooCommerce booking, you feel confused or want to ask for help, you can contact the support team and get expert advice on your question.

So yes, we highly recommend WooCommerce booking for your online booking system.

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